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Abraham Attah is the former Leader of the West African nation of Tundi.

Attah was once a normal soldier until twenty years ago when he led a revolution and fought back an army nearly single handedly. After his revolt, Attah became world renowned as Lord Battle, and once he he took power he sealed off Tundi's borders, governing that nation as a police state. Despite maintaining a isolated relationship with the rest of the world, Lord Battle had a longstanding friendship with the Nigerian Governor Masika Ba.

After Ba's death Lord Battle allowed the entire family to be buried in Tundi. Along with his honor guard who are always with him, Battle resides in the capital Sango, where he welcomed Matu Ba, the last surviving member of the Ba family. When Matu discovered that Attah's nation had discovered oil, Attah shot and kidnapped him. It was revealed that Lord Battle had orchestrated the death of the entire Ba family. This led to a conflict with Batwing and soon, with the help of the Justice League International, Lord Battle was defeated. After his defeat, and the revelation of his fatal weakness, Attah voluntarily agreed to indefinite confinement within Tundi to prevent any harm coming to his country. Lord Battle's weakness is that when he is outside the boundariess of Tundi, he himself becomes mortal, and the land begins to wither, and its people grow sick.


Connection to Tundi:



  • Symbiotic Link to Tundi: While he's virtually invincible within Tundi, Lord Battle's power is reliant on his connection to his nation. Once he is outside of the bounds of Tundi he becomes mortal, the land begins to wither and its people grow sick.


  • Lord Battle carries a really big mallet.



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