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The Metropolitan is a member of the Monarchy.

Abraham Dusk received superhuman powers when he was hit by lightning. As the Last Angel he was a superhero with superhuman speed and agility, but he was a failure, both as hero and in his private life. King decided to give him a chance at more power and bound his soul to Chichinika, the snake god of Los Angeles. The resulting creature killed King, but with the help of Farmer and Condition Red, Bram managed to take control and became the Metropolitan. As the Metropolitan, he seems to adapt to whatever is thrown at him, constantly changing his abilities to remain unpredictable.


Electrical Enhanced Condition: As a child, Abraham was struck by lightning in a freak accident while near an electric plant. Instead of killing him he came out of it with mild superpowers which made him physically superior to the average homo sapien.

Divine Empowerment: Abraham Dusk's soul is bound to the snake god of Los Angeles.

  • Magic: He possesses the mystical abilities of a god and thus possessed powerful destructive abilities, the forces that can destroy cities--making him in effect a living siege engine for the newly formed Monarchy.
  • Adaptation: Bonding with the spirit of Los Angeles gave Dusk a couple of self adjusting capabilities which kick in to preserve his life based upon the threat he's currently facing.

  • As the Last Angel Abraham Dusk gained mild post-human abilities but was ultimately a failure as a superhero. When his soul was bound to the snake god; Chichinika, his powers were amplified to vastly unpredictable degrees.