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Abraham Langstrom is a corrupt businessman in Gotham and the father of Kirk Langstrom, inventor of the infamous Man-Bat Serum.

Before the Waynes were murdered in an alley, Abraham Langstrom and his company Patriarch Biopharmaceuticals were always in competition with Thomas Wayne and his company. While Wayne tried to help Gotham, Abraham would always try to exploit it. Because he showed his dedicated nature even as a kid, Bruce Wayne caught Abraham's attention and became the ideal son that Abraham wished he had raised.

Several years later, with the Waynes long gone and the Batman now protecting the city, Abraham continued his sleazy business practices by stealing his son's Man-Bat Serum to profit from it. Having gotten his hands on so much of the formula, Abraham actually developed an addiction to the upgraded serum, after dipping into the product for his own enjoyment.

As a Man-Bat, Abraham Langstrom targeted homeless people as his victims, believing that no body would miss them when their blood was drained from their bodies by his sharp fangs. Batman, investigating the string of bodies Langstrom left behind, worked alongside Kirk to stop the new Man-Bat plaguing the city. Unable to penetrate Abraham's super strong Man-Bat skin with an antidote,[1] Batman injected himself with the cure and tricked the creature into sucking his blood. Once Langstrom was back to normal, he was arrested by the police.

Abraham succeeded in escaping jail time by convincing the court that he was unaware of his actions during his time as Man-Bat. Returning to his company a free man, Abraham would, however, know that he would forever be stalked by the Batman, waiting for him to slip up.[2]



Other Characteristics

  • Drug Addiction: Langstrom is addicted to his son's Man-Bat serum. Although he started stealing it to profit from it, Langstrom began to indulge himself to the point of constantly needing it.
  • Mental Disorder[3]