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Quote1.png Citizens! We have no protection from this vicious criminal, THE MASK! The mayor is in league with him. I demand that we punish the mayor! Quote2.png
The Mask, working the crowd src

The Mask and his gang roved New York City in the 1940s, and were defeated by Doll Man.

Abe Miller was a corrupt city councilman who was prosecuted and imprisoned for stealing city funds. After his release, Miller attempted to avenge himself on the city government. He affected a lifelike face mask, that made him seem to have no mouth nor nose. Over this, he wore a second mask, a simple yellow bandanna, and now called himself The Mask.

This maniac was a mad-dog killer, and so were his three gunmen. In 1943 they went on a murder spree, gunning down their own robbery victims along with any innocent passers by. Mask also made public appearances blaming the city's mayor and government for the Mask's rampage. He whipped up the mob that stormed City Hall. One ordinary citizen, Darrel Dane, confronted, head-punched, and unmasked The Mask, and told the mob the real story, which persuaded them, and they dispersed.



  • Thompson Guns, handguns, grenades



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