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Quote1 The fight began for Abraham Zodesta when he was a boy... hiding, terrified, in a cramped attic, while his parents were dragged off to Savage's death camps. That terrified boy grew to be a leader of strength and virtue. As much an inspiration to his people as Superman has been to me. Quote2
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General Abraham "Zod" Zodesta was the leader of the Freedom Fighters, an underground resistance group in a parallel universe where a resurgent Nazi Party took over the USA in the late 1950's.

Abraham Zodesta was born the son of a Rabbi in a Jewish-American family at some point in the first half of the 20th Century. When Abraham was a child, Vandal Savage refounded the Nazi Party and lead it to world domination.

Abraham joined an underground resistance group known as the Freedom Fighters, eventually becoming their leader and being known as "General Zod". The Freedom Fighters did their best to bring down the Reich, but Savage's superhuman enforcer Overman was seemingly invincible. In desperation, some of Zod's followers volunteered for dangerous medical experiments to be granted powers of their own, often with severe side-effects.[1]

One day, Overman disappeared and was replaced by a man who was physically identical but his complete moral opposite. Zod used an experimental teleportation beam to bring this "Superman" to their headquarters, hoping he could help.[2] Superman agreed but before they could do more than discuss their plans, another Superman appeared in the base.[1]

With the aid of the two Supermen, the Freedom Fighters managed to breach Savage's fortress and found the dictator now extremely aged, who told them that reality itself was crumbling and their war was now pointless. However, Savage still murdered Zod so he would die first. Doomsday wanted to kill Savage in retaliation, but Superman convinced him to let Savage live and stand trial as Zod would have wanted.[3]




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