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Abysmus was a creation of Atrocitus, moulded from the bones of marooned travellers.


After the Five Inversions were killed, Atrocitus formed Abysmus from the bones of marooned travellers. However, Abysmus was a flawed creation, due to his empathy for other living things - an undesirable trait. Disgusted, Atrocitus beat the creature to death, and consigned him to the soil, burying him in the ground. However, Abysmus survived, sustained by the soil of Ysmault, and he was freed from his prison by an unknown individual. After centuries, he managed to emerge from the Blood Ocean, to plot his revenge. His plan involved going into the Abominable Zone, where he used remnants of the blood magic there to reanimate his predecessors; failed experiments by Atrocitus. He called these creatures Abysmorphs, and they served as his army.

Burn With Our Hate

After the War of the Green Lanterns, Abysmus decided to make his move. Noting that the Red Lantern Central Power Battery was the source of his creator's might, Abysmus ripped a rib from his own ruined body and used it to taint the battery's energy. Simultaneously, the death of Krona, who was responsible for the destruction of Atrocitus' sector, seemed to weaken the Red Lanterns' leader, encouraging Abysmus. The creature retrieved Krona's body and consumed its energy, but the body's disappearance suggested that Krona had survived, refuelling Atrocitus' rage. He travelled to the Abominable Zone and was attacked by the Abysmorphs, only to destroy them in his rage at seeing Abysmus wearing his nemesis' skin. Before Atrocitus could kill his creation, he was interrupted by new Red Lantern recruit Rankorr. The distraction allowed Abysmus to skewer Atrocitus, and redirect his Abysmorphs at the newcomer.

While locked in battle, Abysmus sensed that his poisoning of the Central Power Battery had begun to take its effect. As the infection spread, he fled, believing that his enemies would soon perish as a result of the taint. Taking his surviving Abysmorphs, he abandoned Ysmault, knowing nothing but evil could ever grow there.[citation needed]