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The Abyss is an intergalactic criminal who appears to be a living black hole, able to teleport itself and others over vast interstellar distances.

The Abyss first came to the attention of the people of Earth when it arrived, along with the Squid, to commit spectacular robberies. For some reason, the location these villains chose to do this was the relatively small community of Fairfax, which was at that time home to teen heroes Vicky Grant and Chris King. Upon learning of the Squid-Abyss crime wave, King and Grant used their H-Dials to combat the villainous pair, ultimately defeating them. The Squid tried to flee using one of Abyss's portals to return to his homeworld, but the Abyss was disoriented at the time, and sent the Squid to someplace else, the precise details unknown even to Abyss himself. The Abyss then seemed to implode, and may have perished, though this is by no means certain.


  • Teleportation: Abyss can teleport himself, other people and things anywhere in the universe.



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