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Abyss is a member of the Presidential Oversight Watch.

A special ring allows Abyss to open up a portal between the Earth dimension and another realm, called the Void, which is, from all reports, an extremely cold and empty place that severely frightens any sentient that is placed in it, even for short periods of time, and traumatizes Abyss's victims to the point where they are, at least for a time, unable to adequately function. How long Abyss can leave someone within the Void before retrieving them is unknown.

At some point following his acquisition of the Void-ring, Abyss was recruited to join the Oversight Watch, a team of metahumans under the personal command of Earth President Leland McCauley. As a member of the Watch, Abyss played the role of a super-hero, publicly going on missions with the Watch to arrest criminals and protect the people of Earth from disasters and the like. However, he and the other Watch members have no compunctions against committing murder on McCauley's orders, as when McCauley told them to kill the returning lost Legion of Super-Heroes members following their arrival back on Earth. The initial attempt to slay the Legion members failed, after which time the Watch attacked the Legion twice more; both battles ended in stalemates, and the Legion members retreated to lick their wounds.

Following the revelation that President McCauley was really the 20th century eco-terrorist RA'S AL GHUL in disguise, the fate of the Oversight Watch and its members, including Abyss, has not yet been revealed.


A ring that transports himself and others to the Void universe.

Enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes



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