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Quote1.png I only wanted to be like you, Batman. Instead, i'm always in the dark. Forever...alone... Quote2.png
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Abyss is a Badhnisian criminal, created by Lex Luthor to be his own Batman.

Abyss was a Badhnisian man used to be regularly victimized by criminals and for this reason he deeply admired Batman and wished to become like him.

His wish was granted when Lex Luthor offered him training, gear and experimental procedures to grant him darkness based powers, still, despite all of his efforts he failed to meet Luthor expectations and was abandoned, for the following year he proceeded to terrorize Badhnisia, making an enemy out of Detective Cayha, hoping to lure back Luthor who sent after him his newly acquired Batman Inc., who were secretly working for Batman with the orders to double cross both Luthor and Abyss by joining forces with the latter.

With the help of Batman Inc. he staged his murder and had new underlings arrested to lure both Batman and Luthor to him so that he could convince Batman to join him and kill Lex Luthor together.[1]

He managed to lure Batman in a trap and severely wounded and blinded him in order to prove that he was superior than his secret idol[2] , he later made an attempt on Luthor's life but when the latter managed to escape thanks to a new Batsuit that he was secretly wearing he was forced to rejoin with Batman Inc on the roof of the prison where they were being held and asked Batman to join him.[3]

Despite his perceived advantage he found himself in numerical disadvantage when Batman and Batman Inc. revealed their plot, angered by their betrayal he proceeded to defeat every single member of Batman Inc while telling Batman his story, but when he was about to slit Luthor's throat Detective Cayha, who had already arrived on the scene, started to shoot at Abyss, forcing him to retreat just to be followed and defeated by Batman, who, despite everything, offered him his help just to see a now broken Abyss confess his regrets about what he had become and escape using a smoke screen.[4]


  • Darkness Manipulation: Abyss was experimented on by Lex Luthor who gave him the ability to manipulate darkness for a variety of purpouses, he has been able to accellerate the decomposition of corpses, plunge entire rooms in an darkness impenetrable even by different forms of technology and blind Batman by turning his eyes coal-black.[5]



  • Mental Disorder: Because of the abuses that he suffered in his life Abyss has come to idolize Batman and after being abandoned by Luthor he has become unhinged and fixated with darkness, he also developed an obsession with killing Luthor for abandoning him.[8]


  • Abyss Suit: Abyss uses a Batman-inspired armored suit equipped with various darkness-inspired gadgets and weapons.
    • Claws: Abyss metallic gloves possess razor sharp claws on the tip of each finger.



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