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Accasbel is the innkeeper from The Inn Between Worlds, one of the four free houses that provides sanctuary outside of the realms where everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules.

There he is helped by a young girl named Joh.

His duties were to protect everyone in the inn as the rules of the compact allows him, but truly, the house has been destroyed and reconstructed time after time. The way of destruction always changes, and at least once it was a earthquake. In the present time, he gave protection to Timothy Hunter under the disguise of 'Mary', and worked as barmaid for a time.

He let the girl work along with Dionysus, knowing well that when the batch of beer were finished, so will be the cycle of life the inn. To protect the girls, he sent them in an errand, but Joh stayed in the inn against the orders of Accasbel, and so he was forced to hide her when the Wild Hunt arrived to the inn searching for Tim Hunter, and destroyed the place when no clue was obtained, killing everyone in the inn in the process.

He later resurrected, and was reconstructing the inn, as he has done years before, to prepare to receive more lost travelers under his roof, when Joh found her way to the inn again, and helped him finish his work.


  • Magic: As owner of one of the four free houses, he has a wide arrange of magical abilities, but he seldom uses them as his principal work is to provided shelter and food to his guests. He can't use his abilities against beings that are not under the rule of the compact, like the Wild Hunt.
    • Energy Absorption: With the power of the compact he easily absorbed the magic of Queen Titania.
    • Divination: Accasbel showed knowledge of the destruction of his inn, and showed nothing but acceptation for it.
    • Resurrection: Every time the inn is destroyed and he is killed, he come back and reconstruct the inn again.


  • Business Management: As owner of an inn, he is very versed on trade and market.
  • Law: Accasbel know very well what can he do with the laws provided by the compact. He used them against Titania, stopping her of destroying the inn in a whim, forcing her to go back to her castle in shame.


  • Ancient Rules: As all of the inhabitants of mystic realms, Accasbel is bound to a complex set of rules and customs that limit his actions.