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Ace was a Metropolis crime boss who hired professional thieves for him. His wife Connie, was also part of his criminal organization.

When one of his boys, Johnny Simms, aka T-Ball, burglarized Clark Kent's apartment building, he located his Superman costume, and stole it.

Back on the streets of the city, he is shot in an alley by a cop. Instead of going to the hospital, he makes his way back to the apartment of his boss, Ace. Before bleeding out on the couch, he tells Ace and Connie about how he stole Superman's costume and he tells them the apartment number.

Later, they learn that Clark Kent is actually Superman, they try and bomb him, and later they decide to blackmail him instead, telling him if he wants to see his costume again they need to meet him somewhere. He travels to their place, and then he flies them off to a high cliff, and tells them to stay put, and that he was going to come back with food and anything else they need to survive up there until he can think of something to do with them.

Ace tells Superman his identity is safe, but Superman tells them that he can't take the word of a murdering thief. Ace and his wife were terrified, because they thought he would just inhumanely leave them there, although that wasn't his plan at all, and no doubt Superman faced the possibility that he might no longer be able to keep his secret identity a secret anymore.

However, before Superman was able to return to the cliff, Ace and Connie made a foolish attempt to climb down the cliff. This proved to be fatal to them, as Connie slipped and fell on top of Ace, causing them both to fall to their deaths.






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