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Ace Arn is a lawman from the future who was transformed into Ultra, the Multi-Alien.

During a routine patrol, Lawman Arn was transported to the lab of the criminal scientist Zobra by a weird disc. Zobra was dead, and his henchmen blasted Arn with an experimental ray, which turned the victim into a slave duplicate. However, because all four shot him all at once, each quarter of Arn's body resembled a different alien. This results in a pointed ear on the right, feathers and claws on the left leg, and the right leg made of electricity. Because only a quarter of each ray was effective, he was not mind controlled by any of them, but did gain their superpowers. He decided to name himself after the four aliens' home worlds: Ulla, Laroo, Trago and Raagan, and added an A for Arn: Ultra, the Multi-Alien. He used his powers to fight crime.

A temporal vortex briefly brought him to late 20th century Earth.