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Quote1 Some people are born to be heroes, Batman -- and then there's the rest of us. Quote2
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Ace Masterson, known as the Human Dynamo, was a member of the Justice Experience.

Ace Masterson was a washed-up adventurer who never achieved the degree of heroism for which he longed. A social worker in his younger years, Ace was inspired to become a costumed crimefighter and joined the Justice Experience. His tenure with the team was ill-fated, however, with Ace sustaining near-fatal injuries. While recuperating, Ace volunteered to undergo human experimentation and was transformed into a living battery capable of absorbing and manipulating electromagnetic radiation.

In his advanced age, Ace began to experience symptoms of dementia. Realizing his powers could become dangerous without the mental faculties to control them, Ace decided to end his life on his own terms. Seeking a demise worthy of a true hero, he put out a contract on himself, hiring Deathstroke to deliver a warrior's death.[1]



Other Characteristics


  • Micro-Wave Belt