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The Ace of Blades was an enemy of Phantom Eagle.

The Ace was a Nazi pilot who used a sword rather than bullets, and was surprisingly effective that way. She modified her plane so that a blade was mounted on the nose, which she used to collide with Allied planes and cut off their wings. From an island base that was hidden from view by massive mirrors, she downed more planes than any other - though her method always allowed the pilots time to bail out and few if any were killed.

After destroying more planes than any other Luftwaffe pilot, the Phantom Eagle decided to deal with it. He managed to down the enemy pilot, but the Ace had anticipated that and made sure to parachute near a friendly air base, and the Phantom Eagle was captured. He was let go because the Ace was impressed with his plane, and felt the only fate fitting for such a pilot was an air duel.

Phantom Eagle tracked her to her base and uncovered her secret - nobody had known the Ace was a woman. He tied her up, reluctant to kill her, so she managed to escape. In the following dog fight, Ace came close to damaging the Eagle's plane. Phantom Eagle was hesitant to kill a girl so forced her to down in the ocean instead.


  • Throughout the story, the Ace is believed to be a male - even called "Herr Oberst" by German troops - even though her identity was already revealed on the opening splash page.