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Ace of Spades is a member of the Royal Flush Gang.

The man known as the Ace of Spades was the leader and, coincidentally, the "King" of the Royal Flush Gang that operated during the Crime Syndicate's takeover of Earth after the apparent death of the Justice League. He attended the meeting held by the Syndicate in Happy Harbor that announced that Earth now belonged to the villains.[1]

Setting up in the "Man of Steal" casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Ace of Spades and his gang heard word that the Crime Syndicate had put a bounty on the Rogues for defying their rule. Wanting to turn the Rogues in for a reward, the Ace authorized the Diamond division of his gang to apprehend the Rogues in Gotham.[2]

The Rogues escaped capture and caused the deaths of most of the diamond soldiers sent after them. However, the Royal Flush Gang still had Golden Glider held captive as leverage. Hoping to get her back, Mirror Master and Trickster ambushed the Royal Flush Gang and stole Glider back in the nick of time.

However, the battle between the Rogues and the Royal Flush Gang was interrupted by Johnny Quick and Atomica, who wanted to kill the remaining Rogues themselves.

When Weather Wizard returned to help defend his friends, Ace, still hunting for the reward for killing the Rogues, shot Weather Wizard in the head with his shot gun, seemingly killing him. Johnny Quick, furious that he had been robbed of his kill, instead killed the Ace of Spades in a superspeed fit of rage, ending the reign of yet another wave of the Royal Flush Gang.[3]



  • Pump Shotgun



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