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In the 21st Century an aged Bruce Wayne had a pet/guard dog named Ace, a Great Dane mix who was a fiercely loyal pet to his master.

As a puppy, Ace was bought from a pet store by Ronnie Boxer, the leader of an illegal dog-fighting ring. Ace escaped this abusive, violent life and soon found Bruce, a fellow tormented soul, in Crime Alley during the anniversary of his parents' murders. After Ace was injured by a Jokerz member during an attempt to save Bruce from the thug, Bruce took Ace to a veterinary emergency hospital. Since there was no one to claim Ace, and both the elder man and the dog desired companionship, Bruce took him in. At first Ace did not like young Terry McGinnis, Wayne's assistant and protégé, but after he and Terry were able to help each other on several missions, including stopping Boxer's attempt to use synthetic growth hormones to turn his dogs into monsters, Terry earned Ace's affection and loyalty. In Terry's opinion, this was one of the small rewards being Batman had brought him.

Ace played a role in defeating the new Joker when he damaged the controls for his new satellite weapon system.[1]



  • It is suggested that Ace might be named after the Ace from an incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang. In the episode "Epilogue" of Justice League Unlimited (TV Series), Batman learns that Ace's powers have spun out of control and will eventually kill her. Batman agrees to sit down with the young Ace and stay with her until she dies.
  • It is possible that Ace's seemingly super-canine strength and durability stem from being an early experiment of Ronny Boxer's Cerastone "treatments".


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