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Ace was a pet dog owned by Bruce Wayne, the first Batman and after his death, by Jason Todd.

Ace was a dog owned by Bruce Wayne, the first Batman who was infected by the Anti-Life virus during the outbreak. Alfred Pennyworth after killing Batman (infected by Nightwing and Tim Drake who Alfred later killed), left Ace behind in the Batcave. He was however found by Jason Todd while trying to find Batman and Alfred. Jason after burying the dead Batman Family members, took Ace along with him in the Batmobile. The two came to the rescue of Cassandra Cain and Jim Gordon, killing all the Anti-Living mobbing them. They landed in Bludhaven where they found a group of orphans trying to survive alone and decided to defend them.[1]

Gordon later decided against fleeing Earth with the heroes at the Fortress of Solitude and Ace was thus left behind with the Batman Family. Ace also developed a bond with the super-villains who ended up at the Bludhaven orphanage after fleeing the infected Wonder Woman and formed a group with the surviving heroes called the Unkillables. Ace tried to alert Bane to the infected Mirror Master's presence, but he assumed he was growling at him.[2] After dealing with the infected Bane and the Anti-Living he had let in, the Unkillables decided to flee to Poison Ivy's jungle in Gotham City. When the Mirror Master started grabbing children in the bus Ace was, the dog bit his hand as he came out of one of the mirrors. This allowed the Cheetah to kill him.[3]

In Gotham, went to the rescue of the girl Amy, as she had been left behind while the other orphans fled to the sole working bus. He saved her from the Anti-Living and took her to a safe building. Bobo, the Detective Chimp upon witnessing this scene, came to the building to meet them. Ace initially was hostile but calmed down after Bobo told him that he wouldn't harm her. Bobo then stated that he knew a way Amy could flee to Ivy's jungle and the dog brought her outside as instructed by Bobo, after the chimpanzee had met the horse Comet. Comet allowed Amy and Bobo to ride her as she ran towards the Gotham Jungle and Ace fought against the Anti-Living that attacked them. When Comet fell after being injured, Krypto came to their rescue and killed all the surrounding Anti-Living. The animals along with Amy then successfully reached Ivy's jungle.[4]



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