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Raised by the Batman Family, Ace is a brilliant detective and crime-fighter.

After first arriving in Metropolis by tracking Joker's pet hyenas, Bud & Lou, Ace quickly formed a friendship with Krypto. Since then, the two have worked together many times if pets of Batman's various rogues arrived in Metropolis. The Dark-Hound Detective even managed to impress the alien Dog Star Patrol by solving the disappearance of their teammate Hot Dog, despite Ace's lack of powers. Ace would later save the life of a fledgling robin, who followed him from then on as his partner.


  • Enhanced Senses: Like all dogs, Ace possesses senses that far surpass those of a human.



  • Utility collar : Ace wears a collar modeled after his master's utility belt. He accesses its tools and devices by using a forepaw to press a series of buttons on his bat-emblem.
  • Rocket Sled : When Ace needs to get around faster than he can run he rides on a vehicle modeled after Batman's jet.



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