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Quote1.png Don't usually get rhyming demons in Gotham City. Quote2.png
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Acheron is a powerful demon who once fought Nightwing.

While Haly's Circus was visiting New Orleans, Louisiana as part of their tour around the country, Jimmy Clark had a past lover named Zohna who wanted to rekindle their relationship. Knowing Jimmy wouldn't love her like she loved him, Zohna resorted to magic, raising the demon Acheron to retrieve Jimmy for her. Acheron, conjure-bound to do the bidding of whomever raises him, went into New Orleans to find Jimmy.

After kidnapping the clown mid-way through a show, Nightwing followed the demon and battled it, trying to save his friend from being married against his will. Soon, Nightwing discovered Acheron's weakness and fooled him into making contact with the symbol that summoned him, severing his ties to this world and sending him back to Hell.[1]



  • Conjure-Bound: Acheron, while on Earth, is forced to do whatever his summoner tells him to do.
  • Power Loss: If Acheron makes contact with the symbol that summoned him, he will immediately be transported back to Hell.