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Achilles Milo was a criminal scientist.

Achilles Milo began his criminal career working for Roland Daggett, creating a virus to infect people in contact with infected animals. Milo also created the antidote for the virus in order to sell it as a cure and to gain profit for the sells. Catwoman got involved in this plan when her cat Isis was taken by Milo and infected with the virus. Catwoman was infected as a result and Batman took matters into his own hands and stopped their criminal plan, prevented the virus from spreading and cured Catwoman and Isis. Milo was taken into police custody.[1]

Some time later, he managed to get himself free and began working in his DNA experiments again. He was approached by Anthony Romulus, who wanted some serum that would increase his strength and stamina. Milo provided him with an illegal and untested serum that eventually transform Romulus into a werewolf. Milo forced Romulus to obey him in order to deliver an antidote to his illness. However, one night when Romulus shape-shifted, he attacked Milo in his werewolf from and the antidote was destroyed. After Batman beat Romulus, the police arrested Milo again but this time he was taken to a hospital due to his injuries.[2]

Years later, Milo joined project Cadmus using Kirk Langstrom's work to produce human/ animal hybrids to better combat the Justice League. Much to Amanda Waller's disgust, not only didn't have any results, but his repeated failures led to the deaths of several dozen of his workers. To this end, Waller fired him, and ordered Milo's silence. In retaliation, Milo released the recently healed Doomsday and asked the failed clone of Superman to take care of his problems. Doomsday took it the next step and killed Milo upon his release, ending his problems.


  • Science: He was known for splicing animal and human DNA together to create hybrid monsters.



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