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A renowned chemist who turned to crime, Doctor Achilles Milo used a variety of chemical and medical-related schemes to kill Batman.

His plots involved subjecting Batman to a drug that made him afraid of anything bat-shaped[1] and gassing Batman with a compound that made him lose his will to live.[2] These attacks caused Batman to send Milo to prison and after his eventual release, Milo manipulated Anthony Lupus using a serum that transformed him into a werewolf and tried to make the beast kill Batman, but the plan backfired on him.[3]

Milo eventually reappeared after his survival from the werewolf attack and he took control of Arkham Asylum in order to use some of the inmates for his crimes.[4] During this scheme, Milo attempted to make Batman insane with yet another gas, but his plan backfired and he was exposed to the chemicals that drove him insane, forcing him to become an inmate of Arkham Asylum.[5]

Batman consulted him on at least one occasion when he needed chemical expertise given to him by Joker. After that, Doctor Milo seemingly retired from criminal activity.

During 52, Milo was an inmate at the Haven Correctional Facility. He had lost his legs under undisclosed circumstances and used a wheelchair containing a mystical wheel, which was later stolen by Ralph Dibny as part of a trap to capture Felix Faust.

Sometime later, Doctor Milo re-emerged, this time as the personal physician to General Immortus.[6]


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