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Quote1 Made for war, you will stand for peace. My son. My prince. Behold Achilles, King of the Olympians! Quote2
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Achilles Warkiller, the Olympian, was the champion of Zeus, created as counter to Wonder Woman.

Seeking to replicate the success of Wonder Woman's creation, Zeus took the heart of the Hawai'ian god Kane Milohai and combined it with divine fire of his creation and the soul of an ancient hero to create Achilles Warkiller, king of the Gargareans — an army of resurrected ancient Greek heroes (including Jason and the Argonauts).

Initially set against Wonder Woman, the Warkiller has great respect for her and seeks to work alongside her when possible, though his loyalty to Zeus and the roles granted to him often conflicted with that.

He was placed by Zeus in the role of King of Themyscira, and turned to Alkyone to help him rule, making her his Queen in a purely political wedding. This arrangement was short-lived, as Alkyone usurped his role as part of a plot to both kill Diana and return Hippolyta to the throne. Realizing he could not let such an act stand, he freed Diana and joined her in a coup against his own Queen.

After making peace with Diana, Achilles decides that he still has a mission to fulfil but that he will no longer shed any more blood of innocents. Departing Thalarion on his flying elephant Mysia, he landed at a mansion located in the United States, which Diana had arranged to become his new residence in Man's World. From here he could promote his message to end all wars. He was met by a man who introduces himself as Patrick Cleese and said that he has been asked by Diana to show Achilles around the estate. To Achilles, who until then was feeling a little lost and alone in this new world, the name sounded just like 'Patroclus', and Achilles quickly recognized him as the reincarnation of his beloved Patroclus from ancient times, from the days of the Trojan War. He smiled to himself that Diana had thought of everything to make him feel at home, and now he doesn't feel alone anymore.[1]


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  • Divine Empowerment
    • Clothing Change: Achilles can magically shift his clothing, normally between civilian and armored guises.
    • Divine Grace: An ability to avoid attacks as if he knew they were coming, making it difficult for even the most skilled foes to land a hit on him.
    • Flight: Warkiller is able to fly through the air, presumably through mysticism.
    • Regeneration: The heart of Kane Milohai gives him great regenerative powers, able to heal wounds as fatal as being stabbed through the chest with his own Virgin Spear of Athena.
    • Superhuman Durability: Warkiller is extremely durable, capable of taking large amounts of blunt force trauma without injury, as shown when he took blows from Wonder Woman herself. Like Wonder Woman, however, Warkiller is somewhat vulnerable to piercing weapons, such as bullets and blades, though such attacks would likely not be fatal.
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength: Warkiller is blessed with superhuman strength sufficient enough to engage the Amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman, in physical combat. He was also shown easily defeating other Amazons with physical strength alone. It is likely that, as Wonder Woman's counterpart, Warkiller is among the higher-tier beings in terms of strength, such as Superman and Captain Marvel.



  • Conviction: Achilles' strength is proportional to his conviction in battle. When he is unsure of himself it is lessened.[2]


  • Mysia: A mystical flying elephant with three eyes and two trunks.


  • While Achilles Warkiller was created using the soul of ancient Greek hero Achilles (among other ingredients), he is not considered to be Achilles brought back from the dead. Instead, he is a new being.
  • Though it was only implied on-page,[4][1] Gail Simone has confirmed the modern Achilles is gay.[5]



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