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The Acolyte is a religious zealot encountered by Young Justice.

Though he appears to be inhuman, having blue skin and horns growing from his head, he is a in fact a human being making himself up to look non-human.

He has developed a religious fixation on attempting to remove God from office and replacing the Almighty with a new deity. However, just who that new deity might be and how the Acolyte expects to overthrow God in the first place are also things that remain unknown at this time. In his battle with the heroes of Young Justice, his intention was to resurrect the Hindu goddess Kali, but he appears to have subsequently abandoned this idea in favor of a Cthulhuvian deity.

The Acolyte claims to be immortal, or at least extremely long-lived. He professes to be as old as mankind itself, although there is no proof to substantiate these claims as yet. Indeed, thus far it appears that the Acolyte is merely a normal human being with mental problems who is wearing a clever disguise so as to appear inhuman.

When he was last seen, the Acolyte attempted to hypnotize and brainwash a large number of the small children of the United States through the use of a popular television program called "The Hugga-Tugga-Thuggees." Once brainwashed, the children were directed to assassinate their own parents, and numerous deaths resulted before Young Justice foiled this plan. The Acolyte himself escaped.


Subliminal message transmitters that can hypnotize young minds.



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