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"Invisible Mafia, Part 2": The citizens of Metropolis are attempting go about their daily lives until, suddenly, a dead body drops into the streets.

Action Comics #1002 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2018. It was published on August 22, 2018.

Synopsis for "Invisible Mafia, Part 2"

The citizens of Metropolis are attempting go about their daily lives until, suddenly, a dead body drops into the streets.

The news are covered by the Daily Planet. The victim was identified as John Bender, a low-level criminal known as "Yogurt." Robinson says that multiple witnesses watched Superman drop the body, but Perry has sources indicating that Superman was outside Metropolis during that time. Because of the multiple conflicting sources, Perry rejects Robinson's evidence and tells her to keep investigating. Perry finds Clark and tells him what happened with Yogurt. He also tells Clark to investigate Robinson's story and Clark reluctantly agrees.

That night, mob boss Moxie asks Whisper about Superman's whereabouts and Whisper confirms Superman has left Metropolis, giving the mafia an opportunity to act without opposition. However, Moxie does not expect that Metropolis has superheroes other than Superman. One of those heroes, the Guardian, smashes Moxie's car and corners him. Guardian is planning to arrest Moxie for his crimes, but unfortunately, he does not get to do much when the Red Cloud ambushes him.

The Guardian is left badly injured and brought to the Metropolis General Hospital. Officer Maggie Sawyer is called in to help the doctor with the Guardian's recovery. The Guardian briefly awakens from his coma and whispers "Red Cloud" to Maggie.

Meanwhile, Clark visits a bar filled with criminals, hoping to get answers with Yogurt. His plans works, and one of the criminals, who used to be Yogurt's friend, breaks down in Clark's arms, telling him everything he knows about Yogurt, including his plan to incriminate Superman for the fires, just to keep the Man of Steel distracted to the mafia's activities. Clark tells everything to Perry but he cannot hide his anger for long before excusing himself. Superman flies into space and smashes a few asteroids to vent his anger at the criminals for endangering innocent people just to avoid grabbing his attention.

Moments later, Clark returns to his cubicle until he is met by Cat Grant, who has come to visit the Daily Planet. She enthusiastically tells Clark about Lois' new book, which surprises Clark, as he had no idea Lois was back, let alone that she finished her book. Cat, realizing she has interfered in Clark's family life, apologizes and takes her leave.

Later that night, Robinson visits Mr. Strong in a night club and gives him a written note, in which she asks for a piece of Kryptonite. She also directly asks Strong why does he keep working in Metropolis, even though Superman is around, and Strong answers that Metropolis is where he and his boss grew up. Strong says that there is a rule among the criminal groups in Metropolis in which the members are forbidden to say a few specific terms like "Superman", "Lois Lane" and "Kryptonite", hoping to keep a low profile and avoid grabbing the Man of Steel's attention.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Lois, disguised with a wig, goes out to buy dinner, only to find Superman waiting for her.

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