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"Superman: "Warworld Rising, Part Three"": In the Fortress of Solitude, Lois talks with Supergirl about what she found about the lost Kryptonians. They belong to a fringe Kryptonian science colony known as the Phaelosians, who were shunned by society and left Krypton thousands of years ago. Sudd

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Quote1.png Two questions occur to me. First: Is it a trap? Very possibly. Second: If these "Phaelosians" are what they seem to be -- if there are more of them, enslaved on Warworld -- does it matter if it's a trap? No. No, it does not. Quote2.png

Action Comics #1032 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2021. It was published on June 22, 2021.

Synopsis for Superman: "Warworld Rising, Part Three"

In the Fortress of Solitude, Lois talks with Supergirl about what she found about the lost Kryptonians. They belong to a fringe Kryptonian science colony known as the Phaelosians, who were shunned by society and left Krypton thousands of years ago. Suddenly, they find Superman trying to calm the prisoner girl down. She has torn Kelex apart and in her fear, she has grabbed a weapon to defend herself. Superman asks for the girl's name and information on how does she know the symbol of the House of El. The girl is named Thao-La and her family and friends where enslaved by the previous Mongul, and the current Mongul branded Thao-La's hands as punishment, for Thao-La believed Superman would come to save them.

Superman tells Thao-La that Mongul can no longer hurt her and offers to take away her chains, but the frightened Thao-La suddenly manifests a special kind of optic blasts that pushes Superman away. Lois succeeds in calming Thao-La down and hugs her, telling her to control her power until she is ready to use it.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis, Vulko and his scientists investigate the stone recovered from the Warzoon spaceship. Atlantean mineralogists have called it "Genesis", which seems unlike anything seen on Atlantis or Earth. Maric, one of Vulko's scientists, begins to talk about a sleeping god. His eyes begin to glow with the same light as Genesis and his skin begins to degenerate and crawl. Suddenly, Maric turns into a giant, hideous beast in front of Vulko.

Back at the Fortress, Supergirl attempts to repair Kelex while Lois talks with Superman about what happened with Thao-La. Superman is worried for Thao-La, but Supergirl is confident that Thao-La will open up to them in time. Lois decides to watch over Thao-La, as Thao-La was able to trust her before she could even begin to trust Superman. Superman also believes that Mongul is dead, as Thao-La spoke about a past Mongul and a present Mongul. Superboy doesn't like the current situation and Superman comes to believe that there are more Kryptonians trapped in Warworld. It might be a trap, but he feels obligated to help them.

First, he asks for Batman's help. Batman also believes the whole situation to be a trap, especially because the Kryptonians in Warworld don't seem to possess the same powers Superman does, and Thao-La manifested them in a different power. Suddenly, Superman listen to Aquaman's distress call all the way from Florida and goes on to assist him. As he arrives at Florida, he finds Aquaman and a group of Atlantean soldiers fighting giant monsters attempt to reach the harbor. Aquaman's telepathy doesn't work on them, which means they will have to fight the old-fashioned way.

Superman flies deep into one of the monster's entrails and finds himself in the Necropolis, a structure generated by Genesis. The Necropolis speaks to him, telling him of the awakening of a wrathful entity who awaits for Superman's arrival. Superman fails to make any sense of the Necropolis' words but discovers that this is all just an illusion, which he easily breaks free of. Then, he uses his cold breath to freeze the beast inside out. With the largest monster no longer a threat, the Atlanteans succeeds in driving the rest of the army back.

Superman explains that the fragment from the Warzoon ship created the beast and that it doesn't belong on Earth, but before he can elaborate any further, Steve Trevor arrives on the scene. He comes in behalf of the U.S. government, who wants to secure the fragment and believes that Atlantis is unable to contain it. He thinks that Aquaman will relinquish the fragment in the interest of peace between nations, but Murk, one of the Atlantean soldiers, says that Aquaman no longer rules Atlantis and by Atlantean law, anything that lands on Atlantean waters belongs to Atlantis. Aquaman admits that Murk is right, he is no longer king of Atlantis. He shares the same feelings as his fellow Atlanteans and will not relinquish the artifact. Much to Superman's surprise, Aquaman says that any attempt to take the fragment away from Atlantis shall be considered an act of war.

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Synopsis for Midnighter: "The Passenger, Part Four"

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