"Superman: "The Revenge of Luthor"": While out on patrol, Superman spots a meteor about to strike an airplane, and stops it. However, he realizes too late that it's Red Kryptonite, and it causes his powers to fade. Superman then crashes on the

Action Comics #259 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1959.

Appearing in Superman: "The Revenge of Luthor"

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Synopsis for Superman: "The Revenge of Luthor"

While out on patrol, Superman spots a meteor about to strike an airplane, and stops it. However, he realizes too late that it's Red Kryptonite, and it causes his powers to fade. Superman then crashes on the ground and passes out. When Superman comes around he is shocked to find Superboy has appeared in the present, after confirming each others identities Superman moodily tells Superboy to wait at the Fortress of Solitude for him so that their secret identity is not compromised.

When a series of crimes are committed, Superman goes into action only to have the situation bungled by Superboys untimely interference causing the Man of Steel to scold his past counterpart, and wonder if the Red Kryptonite had not made his past self stupid. Learning of the situation, Lex Luthor captures the easily duped Superboy with a Kryptonite cage and then sends a robot duplicate filled with Kryptonite to capture Superman.

When the two revive, they find themselves in a cave where Luthor has both Lois Lane and Lana Lang hostage, he demands that Superman and Superboy fight to the finish to free the women. However, when both prove to be indestructible, even when battling each other, he has Superman look away as Superboy enters one of two lead lined lockers. Telling Superman to look again, he tells Superman to pick the locker that has Superboy inside, but to choose wisely, because picking the wrong locker would expose him Kryptonite and kill him. As Superman begins making up his mind, he hears Superboy tapping out which locker he is in, but wonders if he can trust the Boy of Steel. Just then, Superman wakes up in the desert, realizing he dreamed the whole thing as a result to his exposure to Red Kryptonite. He wonders to himself, what would have happened if the this situation really presented itself.

Appearing in Congorilla: "The One-Ape Circus"

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Other Characters:

  • Nell Saxon (Single appearance)
  • Tom Simpson (Single appearance)


Synopsis for Congorilla: "The One-Ape Circus"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in Supergirl: "The Cave-Girl of Steel"

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  • Dinosaurs
    • Brontosaurus
    • Pterodactyl
    • Triceratops
  • Killer-Shark
  • Sea Serpent


Synopsis for Supergirl: "The Cave-Girl of Steel"

After secretly saving one of the orphanage's babies from suffocating in a plastic bag, Supergirl decides to look in on her cousin Superman to see what he's doing with her x-ray vision. Deciding that she wants to participate in heroics like her cousin, she decides she can do it without risk of exposing the secret that she exists: By traveling back in time and committing super-deeds there. Changing into Supergirl, she travels back to prehistoric times where she uses her super powers to help cave men fight off dinosaurs and other threats.

She saves a cave-baby from a pterodactyl, tames a brontosaurus and uses it to carry flood victims to safety, and finally protects them from a fire breathing sea serpent. This last feat allows the cave people to discover fire. After she returns to her own time and resumes her identity of Linda Lee. Later, taking a trip to the history museum, Linda is impressed to find a cave painting depicting her battle with the sea serpent that is on display at the museum.


  • "The Cave-Girl of Steel" is reprinted in The Supergirl Archives Vol. 1.
  • "The Revenge of Luthor" is not an Imaginary Story, but Superman's dream in the story is very similar in function to an Imaginary Story, so this story is often considered an "honorary" Imaginary Story.


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