"Superman: "Secret of Kryptonite Six!"": Jax-Ur tricks Superman into taking him along on a mission back to old Krypton before its destruction, to gain a cure for an Atlantean plague--and, unknown to the Man of Steel, a form of crysta

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Action Comics #310 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1964.

Appearing in Superman: "Secret of Kryptonite Six!"

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Synopsis for Superman: "Secret of Kryptonite Six!"

Jax-Ur tricks Superman into taking him along on a mission back to old Krypton before its destruction, to gain a cure for an Atlantean plague--and, unknown to the Man of Steel, a form of crystal which is used to form Jewel Kryptonite.

Appearing in Supergirl: "Supergirl's Rival Parents!"

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Synopsis for Supergirl: "Supergirl's Rival Parents!"

It's been days since Supergirl has discovered her birth parents are alive, but she hasn't received further telepathic dreams. She's also worried about her birth parents' return affecting her relationship with her adoptive parents, who continue being extremely loving and supportive.

Kara heads towards the Fortress of Solitude to ask the Kandorians to aid her. The people of Kandor are thrilled at the news and pore over all bit of available information on Zor-El, Allura and the Survival Zone. Kandor's hyper-speed computers deduce an ion-storm caused the Survival Zone drift towards "New Krypton", a memorial planet built by Superman and Supergirl.

Kara streaks towards the planet, and upon landing she meets two robots she created in her parents' likeness. Both androids lead Supergirl to an experimental lab. Kara picks up a thought-casting helmet and manages to contact her parents, but she can barely see them or understand what they are saying, so she comes up with the idea to use a vibro-projector to send herself into the Zone. Her Allura Robot warns her that her plan is deadly dangerous because the vibro-projector isn't perfected yet, but Kara doesn't care and orders her to shoot. Her robot obeys but she shoots the Zor-El Robot instead, which is obliterated.

Kara's mind is still reeling when she sees her parents disappearing. She manages to make out they are drifting back towards Earth due to the cosmic storm, and she will need several rare elements to build a ray gun.

Supergirl flies back to Earth and her home in Midvale. As her adoptive parents are away, gone to the cinema, Kara builds an hyper-sensitive radar in the lab basement. The device manages to detect her parents' silhouettes and translate their thoughts into sound. Zor-El tells her how to build an ionic ray to release them from the Zone.

Kara sets to work, and is so engrossed in her task she doesn't notice the basement door opening and her adoptive parents entering the room. Fred and Edna figure out their daughter is trying to bring her parents back and are afraid of losing her, but they stand back and keep quiet.

Supergirl activates the machine but something goes wrong and the ray starts killing Zor-El and Allura. Kara is wondering what to do when Fred Danvers rushes forward and manipulates the controls. Kara panics, but being an electrical engineer, Fred knows what is wrong. He turns a dial to full power, and Zor-El And Allura's molecular structures become stable again. Kara is surprised, but Fred explains there was a power blownout in Midvale. Said blackout got them back home early, since the theater shut down, and nearly caused her ray to fail. Kara then confesses she was afraid to tell them she had found her birth parents again.

Zor and Allura finally step out of the Zone and hug their daughter sobbing while the Danvers try to pretend they aren't heart-broken over their return. Kara takes her birth parents outside to teach them how to use their new powers and show them around.

Back home, Zor-El announces his plans to move his family to his nephew's Fortress of Solitude the next morning. He admires how well the Danvers are taking the news until his wife urges him to use his super-senses and see their real reaction: they're utterly miserable. Not wanting to make anybody unhappy, the Els consider several options before taking a decision.

Supergirl goes back home after spending a while discussing her dilemma with Comet. She finds her birth parents left suddenly. They asked her to meet them at the Fortress of Solitude, so Supergirl heads towards the place. Once there, she finds her parents used a shrinking ray on themselves and entered the Bottle City.

Zor-El and Allura explain they don't believe they can fit among Earth people. And they didn't want to take her away from her adoptive parents. So they'll live in Kandor and she can alternate between staying with them and her foster parents. And if she ever needs help, she can count on them.

Kara hugs them crying and after going back to Midvale she can't help but think how lucky she is.



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