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"Superman: "The Super-Revenge of Lex Luthor"": Superman learns that Lex Luthor escaped his prison planet in a rocket-powered space-suit. From past experience, Superman suspects that Lex may have gone to the safety of Planet Lexor. A secret

Quote1 I wanted the pleasure of doing it myself. No one else will destroy Superman but me... Me... ME! Quote2
Lex Luthor

Action Comics #332 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1966.

Synopsis for Superman: "The Super-Revenge of Lex Luthor"

Superman learns that Lex Luthor escaped his prison planet in a rocket-powered space-suit. From past experience, Superman suspects that Lex may have gone to the safety of Planet Lexor. A secret army teleporter sends Superman there, where he accidentally reveals Mento Record Discs of Luthor's evil feats to Luthor's wife Ardora, before he deports back to Earth. Ardora learned from a mento-tape of Lex's immoral and callous criminal past, and was anguished.

Fresh from escape, Luthor lands before Ardora but is not welcomed with open arms -- though Ardora is still adamant that she loves him. Enraged that his secret has been betrayed, and ignoring Ardora's entreaties, Luthor returns to Earth to launch a campaign of vengeance against Superman.

So single-minded is he, that Lex safeguards Superman from other crooks' attempts on his life, bent on saving Superman for his personal vengeance. Luthor announces that it is now time for psychological warfare.

Appearing in Superman: "The Super-Revenge of Lex Luthor"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Ardora
  • Unnamed American President
  • Space Prison Guard



  • Army Teleport Ray
  • Green Kryptonite Gun
  • H-3 Ray (Crystaline Transmuter)
  • 9 Nuclear Missiles
  • Power Grenades
  • Solid-State Rocket Fuel
  • Statue of Lex Luthor
    • Secret Vault
    • Mento Projector and Record Discs
  • Stun Gun


  • Jeep
  • Sea Hawk (Smuggler's Ship)
  • Luthor's Lead-Encased Spacecraft
  • Space-Lifeboat


  • Psychological Warfare

Synopsis for Supergirl: "How Superwoman Trained Superboy!"

In Kryptonopolis, it is Allura that watches baby Kara while Zor-El tries to convince the Council of Science that he has foreseen Krypton's fiery destruction. Zor's cousin Jor-El -- and the Council -- dismiss the possibility, and Jor-El returns to building a plastic dome over his home town of Argo City.

At the moment of cataclysm, Zor-El enlarges his test rocket and the El family -- the Zor-El family -- rockets to Earth while Jor-El's family are momentarily safe on the now-asteroid city of Argo. On Earth, the Els become the Zorelles, and raise Kara as an Earth girl even though she has secretly become Superwoman. An epidemic kills Zor-El and Allura after their powers are stripped by Gold Kryptonite; so Kara goes to Metropolis where she employs Jimmy Olsen.

In Argo City, Jor-El and Lara raise young Kal-El, and Kal watches Superwoman on the Hyper-Telescope; determined to emulate her. He gets the chance when disaster strikes Argo City and Jor-El sends him away in a rocket to Earth.

Superboy needs a secret identity, so Superwoman places him in Midvale Orphanage in disguise as Cal Ellis. Cal is impatient to be a hero and cuts corners, inadvertantly freeing The Invisibles at the Fortress of Solitude and almost exposing his secret identity.

As Superwoman got more fed up with Kal's antics, Kal creates a secret underground lab and seems to create Gold Kryptonite; which Kara rescues him from. But after she leaves him "powerless"; Kal picks up the mock Gold Kryptonite and hurls it into space!

Appearing in Supergirl: "How Superwoman Trained Superboy!"

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters:

  • Allura (Dies)
  • Superboy (Cal Ellis)
  • Zor-El (Dies)

Other Characters:





Alexis Luthor Earth One 0004
  • In "The Super Revenge of Lex Luthor!"; Ardora must have been taught to read and speak English, in order to understand both the writing on the Mento Record Discs; and the information projected into her mind. On Lexor, Superman and Lex Luthor spoke Lexorian, as shown in Superman #164.

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