"Superman: "The Hero Superman Doomed To Die!"": Superman tries to go into space to save a drifting astronaut, but cannot, due to a mental block the hyper-evolving astronaut places in him.

Quote1 As publisher of The Planet and President of the Galaxy Broadcasting System... it's my duty to keep the public informed about this crisis! But as a secret agent for the villainous Darkseid, my instructions are to utilize all the media at my command... to ruin Superman's reputation! When I finish tearing down his heroic image, he'll make Benedict Arnold look like a saint! Quote2
Morgan Edge

Action Comics #408 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1972.

Appearing in Superman: "The Hero Superman Doomed To Die!"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for Superman: "The Hero Superman Doomed To Die!"

Superman tries to go into space to save a drifting astronaut, but cannot, due to a mental block the hyper-evolving astronaut places in him.

Appearing in Superman: "The Shocking Secret of Super-X!"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for Superman: "The Shocking Secret of Super-X!"

Superman is contaminated with experimental bacteria and must perform his super-duties for a time in an isolation suit.

Appearing in Atom: "The Atom's Phantom Double!"

Featured Characters:


  • Phantom Ray Palmer
  • Crooks


Synopsis for Atom: "The Atom's Phantom Double!"

This story is reprinted from The Atom #9.

While conducting an experiment in his lab, Ray Palmer is caught in an explosion which causes him to be bombarded with radiation. While unconscious this radiation creates a phantom version of Ray, who initially tries to kill the original, but decides to wait until he can be alone to investigate his current condition.

The phantom Ray gets his chance when Ray gets a phone call from the police asking him to track down a stolen scientific device. As the real Ray Palmer goes after the crooks as the Atom, the phantom Ray learns that he only has a few hours to live unless he uses a device (fashioned out of an opal ring) to switch places with the real Ray Palmer. He also learns that they are mentally linked and that any harm caused to one is felt by the other.

After the crooks are dealt with, the phantom Ray (also with his own set of Atom powers) tries to use the opal device to replace the real Ray. During their fight, Ray manages to get a hold of the device and toss it into a roaring fire place. With his phantom unable to get the ring without horribly burning himself, the Atom turns his phantom's size changing device on full blast and wrecks it, shrinking his double into nothingness.


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