"Superman: "Beware the Hero-Killers!"": Sinestro hires two alien assassins to kill Green Lantern, using Superman as their weapon.

Action Comics #444 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1975.

Appearing in Superman: "Beware the Hero-Killers!"

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Synopsis for Superman: "Beware the Hero-Killers!"

Sinestro hires two alien assassins to kill Green Lantern, using Superman as their weapon.

Appearing in Green Arrow: "The Black Canary is Dead!"

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Synopsis for Green Arrow: "The Black Canary is Dead!"

At the behest of the boy's father, Green Arrow tries to talk Tommy Genetta out of hanging around with a crowd of juvenile delinquents and junkies, who have indirectly caused the death of Tommy's big brother Frankie through an overdose. While he is in the neighborhood, GA sees and trails a man whose clothing is far too expensive for the run-down area he is passing through. Later, GA learns from the police that the man is Peter Lazenby, one of the Four Horsemen, a drug cartel. Oliver Queen gets Dinah Lance to agree to hang out at the casino of Max Lucker, another Horseman, in order to meet Lazenby and get information on the drug ring. Later, Green Arrow raids Lucker's office, beats up his guards, and warns him of further pressure if GA finds out he was behind the Frankie Genetta death. But Lucker swears to get back at GA, and sends a tape for him to police headquarters, with a lock of blonde hair from the Black Canary's wig. The taped message says, in part, "Tell Green Arrow the Black Canary is dead...and tell him we did it...slow!"


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The plot in "The Black Canary Is Dead!" is similar to that of Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters where Dinah Lance goes undercover as a drug lord's girlfriend to get information on drug shipments and is captured. Mike Grell is the writer in both cases.

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