"Superman: "Disappearing Act!"": Superman is called in to help when a stage magician's magic actually sends all of Perry White's grandchildren to India.

Quote1 I am Shvaughn, the Legion liaison with the Science Police in the 30th Century! I was dispatched to retrieve a piece of equipment that was stolen from our era! Quote2
Shvaughn Erin

Action Comics #568 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1985. It was published on March 28, 1985.

Appearing in Superman: "Disappearing Act!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Perry White
  • Alice White
  • Perry White III (Final appearance)
  • Matthew White (Final appearance)
  • Gretchen White (Final appearance)
  • Jeremy White (Final appearance)


  • Jinx Turner (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Train Passengers (Unnamed) (Single appearance)
  • Suburbia Children's Home Children (Unnamed) (Single appearance)
  • Elephant (Unnamed) (Single appearance)
  • Palace Guards (Unnamed) (Single appearance)
  • Maharajah (Unnamed) (Single appearance)



  • Meteorite


  • Windbreaker Express (Amtrack Metroliner Train)
  • Showtime Corner Trailer

Synopsis for Superman: "Disappearing Act!"

Superman is called in to help when a stage magician's magic actually sends all of Perry White's grandchildren to India.

Appearing in Jimmy Olsen: "The Amazing Matchmaker of Metropolis!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Cast:


  • 30th Century Criminal (Unnamed) (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Legion of Super-Heroes (Mentioned only)
  • Two Golfers (Unnamed) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Fifi (Jimmy's Date) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Bradley (Fifi's date) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Jennfier Crocker (In dream sequence only) (Single appearance)
  • Preston Chandler (In dream sequence only) (Single appearance)
  • Nova-Woman (In dream sequence only) (Single appearance)
    • (disguised as) Mindy (In dream sequence only) (Single appearance)
  • Two Library Patrons (Unnamed) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Helicopter Pilot (Unnamed) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Two Ambulance Personel (Unnamed) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Waiter (Unnamed) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Restaurant Patrons (Unnamed) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Science Police (Mentioned only)




  • Time-Cube
  • Jimmy Olsen's Sports Car
  • Good Tires Blimp
  • Helicopter
  • Time Bubble


Synopsis for Jimmy Olsen: "The Amazing Matchmaker of Metropolis!"

The Legion of Super-Heroes contact Superman to advise him of a thief who stole some gadgets and escaped into the past. They were able to determine the time-cube's settings and want him to be there to pick up the crook when he arrives. Superman brings Jimmy Olsen along to take some pictures but as he flies the crook away one of the gadgets is dropped. Jimmy picks it up and, after he files his story, goes to meet his date but finds her with another guy who "just came into town for the day". At a loose end, Jimmy goes back to his apartment and studies the gadget, which has a headband attached. When he puts on the headband he gets a mental message telling him to show up at a particular street corner, where he finds a beautiful girl waiting. Her name is Jennifer Crocker and she has red hair and freckles and the two fall for each other. Convinced that the gadget seeks out a person's ideal soulmate, Jimmy tells Clark and Lois Lane that he is going to start a Dream Dates business and gives them a free demonstration.

Lois is matched with an undercover detective called Preston Chandler, and they arrange a date for that night. Clark's ideal match is a librarian named Mindy. They head out for coffee but Clark spots an advertising blimp in trouble and slips away to change to Superman. As he flies up to the rescue he sees Mindy, in a costume, also flying. She identifies herself as Nova-Woman and reveals that she knows his secret identity, and Clark too is smitten. That evening Jimmy, Lois and Clark have a triple-date with their new loves, but then a woman appears and says she is the Legion of Super-Heroes' liaison with the Science Police in the 30th Century and she has been sent back to retrieve a piece of stolen equipment. Jimmy's gadget is not a matchmaker but a thought-actualizer, drawing images from a person's subconscious and constructing them out of solidified energy. She disappears back to her own era with the device, and at the same moment Jennifer, Preston and Mindy also vanish. Back at the Planet Perry White is surprised to find Jimmy, Lois and Clark working late and asks them if they don't ever go and have fun any more. Jimmy responds that work is about all the fun they can handle at the moment.



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