"Cityscape!": Jason Blood and his friends are brought to an antique store by Glenda Mark who introduces Jason to the shop owner, Mr. Janke. Intrigued, Glenda examines a new item of a miniature cityscape, but upon opening it she is stabbed i

Quote1.png I don't know how you're involved in this, Etrigan...but if you've finally reverted to your hell-born beginnings, and turned against humankind...you'll find me ready to stop you!! Now get off me!! Quote2.png

Action Comics #587 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1987.

Synopsis for "Cityscape!"

Jason Blood and his friends are brought to an antique store by Glenda Mark who introduces Jason to the shop owner, Mr. Janke. Intrigued, Glenda examines a new item of a miniature cityscape, but upon opening it she is stabbed in the arm by a sharp protrusion that shoots out. She immediately turns into unearthly white tower which expands at an alarming rate. More blades reach out from the growing tower to penetrate Harry and Randu, infecting them as well. Jason dodges the blades while reciting a spell to unleash the Demon who looks for a way to disable the towers which continue to incorporate more victims, spreading exponentially.

Meanwhile, while returning from a Soviet space station, Superman notices the unusual structures bursting up from within Gotham City. Recognising them as a threat, the Man of Steel instinctively tries to smash them with brute force. Etrigan attacks Superman to stay his attack, which Superman mistakes as hostility. The two battle each other until Etrigan manages to point out that the buildings are living things and the ones he struck are actually bleeding. Horrified that he may have harmed innocent victims, Superman asks Etrigan how they can stop this. The Demon uses the Tempus Frangit spell to send Superman back in time do undo the unstoppable magic at the source.

Superman finds himself in England, 1162 AD, where Etrigan appears before him in a vision, explaining that he cannot enter his own timeline and that Superman must seek out Jason Blood. Superman soon enters a village suffering from the plague and is directed to Blood's home. Blood welcomes the stranger who he expected to show up after sensing a magical disturbance, however, he is surprised to hear that the stranger knows of Merlin's Demon and swiftly leads Superman to the Pool of Knowledge. The waters founded by Merlin himself reveal traces of black magic two hundred leagues away.

A journey Blood feared would take days becomes a short flight for Superman who drops Blood upon request as they reach a small hovel. As Blood plummets downward, he begins his recitation and it is Etrigan who crashes through the roof. An old man and his granddaughter jump in fright, but the young girl foolishly acknowledges the creature by name and Etrigan hurls the girl into a wall. Superman is just as shocked as her grandfather, until the girl reveals herself to be Morgaine le Fey. The evil sorceress wastes no time snaring the two interlopers in a stone cage before forceing the old man to finish his work on the delicate cityscape he's been crafting. Superman breaks free from the cage and rushes to interrupt the sinister enchantment on the ornament, which Etrigan warns could cost him his life.

Back in 20th Century Gotham, Glenda examines the ornate cityscape and opens it up, a little disappointed to find nothing inside. Jason points out another artefact that would suit her better which she takes to the counter. Harry looks out the window with excitement to see Superman fly over the city, with only Jason knowing how the Man of Steel altered the course of history and saved them all.

Appearing in "Cityscape!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • 1987
  • 1162 AD
    • Clave, the Dead Collector (Single appearance)
    • Black Plague Victims (Appears only as a corpse)
    • Man (Unnamed) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
    • Merlin (Mentioned only)
    • Old Craftsman (Unnamed) (Apparent Death) (Single appearance)
    • Craftsman's Granddaughter (Unnamed) (Deceased) (As an illusion only) (Single appearance)
    • Lord (Mentioned only)
    • Devil (Mentioned only)
    • God (Mentioned only)


  • 1987
  • 1162 AD
    • England
      • Jason Blood's Residence (Single appearance)
        • The Pool of Knowing (Single appearance)
      • Old Craftsman's Residence (Single appearance)


  • Cityscape Trinket (Single appearance)
  • Demon Flame
  • Stone Cage (Destroyed)



Publication Notes

Continuity Notes


  • The man collecting Black Plague corpses is a potential reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Superman is vulnerable to Etrigan's hellfire projection.

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