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"All That Glisters": In Gotham City, the Bat-Signal shines in the night sky. Batman and Robin swing through the city, towards the Sprang Building, where Batman hypothesizes is the source of the Bat-Signal. Batman tells Robin that the angle o

Quote1.png Here he is, folks! The great and powerful Superman! And you'll notice that he was no match for Booster Gold! Doesn't look so powerful now, does he? Quote2.png
Booster Gold

Action Comics #594 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1987.

Synopsis for "All That Glisters"

In Gotham City, the Bat-Signal shines in the night sky. Batman and Robin swing through the city, towards the Sprang Building, where Batman hypothesizes is the source of the Bat-Signal. Batman tells Robin that the angle of the signal was wrong for it to be coming from the roof of Police Headquarters. Batman and Robin arrive on the rooftop, and find the signal, which is actually a miniaturized version. Robin asks Batman which of his enemies could have made it, to which he replies that any one of them could have, but this wasn't made by an enemy. Superman flies down and lands on the roof, and tells Batman that he was right. He asks Batman why he brought Robin, since it could have been dangerous for him to come here. Batman explains that when they last met, Batman needed Superman's help with that case because it was beyond any of his mortal abilities. And since there isn't anything that Superman's powers can't handle, he'd only be calling Batman because he needed detective work. Superman, impressed at Batman's astute observations hands him the reason why he summoned Batman there, a scrapbook of paper stock, finger prints, and newspaper clippings about Superman. Superman explains that Batman has the knowledge needed to decode such things as finger prints and paper stock, and he doesn't. Batman takes the book, and tells Superman that he'll do what he can, and that they're to meet at that same spot again in three days. Robin asks for Superman's autograph, and Superman gives him it, by carving his name into a piece of edging material. As Superman flies off, Batman congratulates him on the next day, which will be Superman Day in Metropolis.

In Metropolis the next day, Trixie Collins walks through the crowds of people, reflecting on how Booster Gold was trapped in an alien dimension, when she sees a sign nailed to a wall, apparently from Booster Gold himself. It bears Superman's S symbol with a line through it, and it reads:


Tribe wonders why Booster would do such a thing, because it's excessive even for him, even though he and the Man of Steel have never been on the best of terms. Suddenly, she sees Booster Gold flying through the skies of Metropolis, just overhead. Trixie, shocked that he's come back without telling her, rushes after him, calling his name. Booster flies into the park, and blasts his lakers at a Superman statue, blasting it to smithereens.

In the Daily Planet, Lois Lane complains to Perry White, because he's assigned her to a press conference that Booster Gold is holding. Reluctantly, Lois leaves. At the conference, Booster declares to everyone there that they have a serious matter to discuss: Superman, and his crimes against humanity. Booster recalls when Superman invaded Qurac several weeks ago. Lois calls Booster out, and tells him that Superman acts out of altruism, while Booster sells his services. Booster calls Lois and the Daily Planet biased, but Lois stands by her opinion, and tells Booster that the Reagan Administration stated that they were prepared to back Superman if needed.

At the mayor's office, several figureheads in Metropolis gather and discuss Booster Gold. The mayor is present, and his wife and daughter, Julianna arrive. Booster Gold also arrives, and the mayor rebukes I'm, and questions his reasoning behind his recent attacks on Superman. Booster grabs Julianna, and flies off, planning to use her to lure Superman into the open. Booster touches down on a rooftop with Julianna, and begins hurting her, so she'll scream loud enough for Superman to hear. Superman hears, and rushes off in the direction of the scream. Booster prepares to hit Julianna again, but Superman grabs his shoulder and tosses him away. He helps Julianna up, but Booster punches him off of the roof, and into another building.

Superman flies back, and he and Booster begin flying towards each other, and Superman punches Booster, and wallops Booster backwards. Booster blasts Superman with his lakers, catching the Man of Steel of guard. While he's down, Booster begins continuously punching Superman, and doesn't let up. Superman, still reeling from each blow, doesn't have enough time to react. Booster then stands in the streets of Metropolis, holding Superman's limp form. Suddenly, a voice calls out, and another Booster Gold flies in, calling the other one an imposter.

Appearing in "All That Glisters"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Batman
  • Robin II
  • Booster Gold (Cameo)
  • Superman Day Workers
    • Joey (Cameo) (Single appearance)
    • Two Men (Cameo) (Unnamed) (Single appearance)
  • Six Members of the Press (Unnamed) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Reagan Administration (Mentioned only)
  • Annie (mayor's secretary) (Cameo) (Single appearance)
  • Art Chase (Single appearance)
  • Irv (Single appearance)
  • Jerry Carver (Single appearance)
  • Juliana Berkowitz (Single appearance)
  • Lex Luthor (Mentioned only)
  • Daily Planet Employees
    • Four Members (Unnamed) (Cameo)
    • Gus (cameraman) (First appearance)
  • Citizens of Metropolis (Unnamed)





Continuity Notes

Publication Notes


  • The cover of this issue is an homage to Booster Gold #7, the issue in which Superman and Booster Gold first met.

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