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"Confidence Job": Clark Kent and Lois Lane pull up in front of a hair salon in Metropolis as Lois meets her sister Lucy for a day at the salon. Lucy tells Lois that her fiance Ron Troupe

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Action Comics #750 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1999. It was published on November 4, 1998.

Synopsis for "Confidence Job"

Clark Kent and Lois Lane pull up in front of a hair salon in Metropolis as Lois meets her sister Lucy for a day at the salon. Lucy tells Lois that her fiance Ron Troupe and her are planning on telling Ron's parents about Lucy being pregnant with their first child. Meanwhile, a few blocks away, a villain named Crazytop is terrorizing people by blasting cars and telephone poles while calling out for Superman to come out and face him like a man. Superman comes along within seconds as Crazytop blasts a cafe atop a building. Superman quickly saves an unnamed woman from falling to her demise after ripping off Crazytop's power gloves. After Superman saves the woman, Crazytop tries to blast Superman as an electrician zaps him, causing a small explosion which injures him, briefly stuns Superman and sends Crazytop running.

The Next day, Lois goes to LexCorp on a news report as a man visits Henry the electrician in the hospital and tries to persuade him to go against Superman, Henry is resistant towards the man's pleas.

Lucy and Ron go to Ron's parents where they announce the news of Lucy being pregnant, Lucy is a smidge nervous, but Ron assures her everything is going to be okay. Ron is a bit gobsmacked by their reaction (as he thought they would be hostile.) However they appear to be very open toward the baby.

Henry leaves the hospital in a wheelchair being pushed by the man who is revealed to be Mr. Peck as he keeps trying to persuade him to go against Superman. Mr. Peck takes Henry to Mr. Dutton who is standing near a van, Dutton opens the van to show Henry surveillance tapes of some sort.

Lois is back at LexCorp, however Lex Luthor traps her in an elevator. Meanwhile, Henry is shown a live video of Superman dueling Crazytop again. Crazytop reveals he has Kryptonite, but Superman uses his strength to beat the pulp out of him and carries him away. Superman comes up on the van, and accuses the men of spying. Henry shouts he's innocent, however Superman says he should get a good lawyer as he walks away with Inspector Sawyer.

Lois makes it to Lex's office at long last and accuses him of orchestrating the whole incident. As Lois walks out, Lex receives a phone call telling him that the operation was a scrub. Lex tells them they will have to try again.

That night, Lois and Clark are at their apartment as they talk about the events that had befallen them, Lois accuses Lex of being the culprit before they begin to make love. Clark becomes distracted after feeling dizzy. Clark and Lois then fall fast asleep. However, Clark has a nightmare of Franklin Stern boarding a train, which Superman tries to stop from de-railing, but fails. Clark tells Lois of the dream of the Daily Planet's boss Mr. Stern dying, Clark looks out of the window hoping it was just a dream.

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