"Sacrifice for Tomorrow": Energy conduits encircle the world. The chaos is so complete that it takes Superman less time to burrow through the Earth than to fly back to Metropolis.

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Action Comics #763 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2000. It was published on January 26, 2000.

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Synopsis for "Sacrifice for Tomorrow"

Energy conduits encircle the world. The chaos is so complete that it takes Superman less time to burrow through the Earth than to fly back to Metropolis.

Brainiac 13 looms over Metropolis. Superman hovers in front of him, until he sees the citizens of his city. They have all been converted into Brainiac 13's slaves. Distracted by his shock, Superman is caught unaware as Brainiac 13 hurls him through a building.

In the bowels of LexCorp Tower, Lex and Brainiac 2.5-possessed Lena float inside of the Kryptonian war suit. They begin to power up the weapon.

Outside, Superman and a newly rebuilt Kelex fly towards Brainiac 13. Suddenly, the Kryptonian war suit bursts through Brainiac 13's chest, breaking up the giant robot. Superman tells Luthor that they have to work together, but Luthor responds by slamming Superman into the pavement. Getting up Superman sees hordes of robots, slaves to Brainiac 13, descending on Metropolis. He rushes to stop the robots, and begins to communicate mentally with Kelex. He tells his robot to link up with the war suit, no matter what it takes.

Inside the suit, Lena/Brainiac 2.5 reaches forward and triggers a small button, releasing an enormously powerful electromagnetic pulse in which causes all of Brainiac 13's robots to fall to the ground. Brainiac 13, however, is unharmed. As Superman continues his ineffectual attack on the giant automaton, Kelex begins to work on the war suit.

Brainiac 13 grabs Superman and begins to envelop him in liquid cables. Luthor, following Kelex's plan, begins to draw the power from Brainiac 13 into the suit. Kelex urges Luthor to stop Brainic 13 using the suit before Superman dies, but Luthor hesitates, just like Superman knew he would. Superman sends Kelex a command to wake Red Tornado.

Instantly Red Tornado awakes from his enslavement and flies at Brainiac 13. Luthor hurries to disengage before Brainiac 13 is sucked inside the suit, but Kelex informs Luthor that he lied. As Brainiac 13 is sucked into the suit and Luthor and Lena are removed from its innards, Superman flies to find Lois. Confirming that she is all right, he flies back to Luthor. He finds Luthor holding Lena, and Brainiac 13 trapped inside the suit. Superman looks around at Metropolis for a moment, wondering why it hasn't reverted back to its normal state yet, and when he looks back the suit and Lena are gone.

Sitting high in his new tower, Luthor contemplates those last few moments. Brainiac 13 told him that Luthor has lost everything he owned, but it could all be given back to him. Metropolis will change back, unless Brainiac 13 gives Luthor the code to maintain it. And in return Brainiac 13 wants Lena. Luthor argues at first, but then he solemnly holds out Lena to the giant robot.

Superman floats outside of Luthor's window. He tells Lex that he knows that he is responsible for Metropolis staying like this, and he knows it cost him Lena. Superman tells Luthor that he will make him pay if it is the last thing he does.



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