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"Thousand Yard Stare":

The Death of Hippolyta.

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Action Comics #781 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2001.

Synopsis for "Thousand Yard Stare"

The Death of Hippolyta.

The Death of Sam Lane.

As he fights Imperiex probes in Africa, Superman's thoughts wander, not truly attending to the issue at hand. Meanwhile, in Washington, Luthor discusses the plan of action against the Imperiex probes that are burrowing into the Earth. The discovery is also made that the Earth truly is the centre of the universe, and its destruction would mean, quite literally, the end. In space, the Paradocs vessel comes under attack from the remaining probes, and Hippolyta discovers that her daughter Wonder Woman has gone out to fight them.

An Imperiex probe makes its arrival in Washington, where it is faced by Supergirl, Black Lightning and tanks manned by Frank Rock and Sam Lane. Lois Lane desperately tries to contact Superman, to call in his help, but all he can see and hear at that moment is Wonder Woman, plummeting to Earth. The probe in Washington gets too close to Luthor's position and Sam Lane orders Black Lightning to overload the engine in his nuclear tank, causing it to explode and take out the probe - Sam Lane goes with it.

Superman discovers that the falling Wonder Woman was Hippolyta, who has sacrificed her life to save the paradocs. Trying to comfort Diana, her daughter, he suddenly remembers and realizes about Lois, and rushes off to her. Arriving in Washington too late, she will not let him comfort her over the loss of her father. His best friend has lost her mother, and he may have just lost his marriage - Superman tells Luthor that he will do whatever it takes to end the war.

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