"Seeds": In Little Falls, Colorado a woman walks her young son down the street to a day care. As she bends down to kiss him goodbye, he tells her to look up in the sky.

Action Comics #801 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2003. It was published on March 5, 2003.

Synopsis for "Seeds"

In Little Falls, Colorado a woman walks her young son down the street to a day care. As she bends down to kiss him goodbye, he tells her to look up in the sky.

A few minutes earlier, in Metropolis, Lois and Clark meet in a diner for breakfast and a quick chat before the two head out together.

In Washington, D.C., Traci Thirteen awakens from a dream about Superman to find an orderly making the bed. He tells her that her father is getting his last x-rays done and he may be able to go home today. Traci is happy, but she still can't shake the feeling that something is wrong.

Back in Little Falls, a father and daughter argue about their business and the annoying tourists when the two look up into the sky, wondering what it is they see.

Back in Metropolis, Lois and Clark walk down the street discussing Traci Thirteen when they suddenly come upon a man yelling about the end of the world. Clark tries to talk to the man, but Lois drags him away. Clark argues that they could at least have talked to him, but Lois just shakes her head and asks Clark how long he has lived in a city.

Halfway across the world, in Bialya, a shadowed man sits in a large chair and watches a wall of televisions, all tuned to American new stations.

Back in Little Falls, a boy sits sadly inside of the car as his parents argue about their divorce. He tells them to look up in the sky, but both parents just ignore him. A moment later, the child looks on in horror as something splatters his parents' blood on the car.

In Pokolistan, General Zod hovers motionless above his country. As the moment of action occurs, Zod closes his eyes and says, "For you, Father."

In the Kent apartment, Clark puts on some coffee as Lois lies down. A second later, Superman tears out of their apartment, shattering the patio doors in a blur of red and blue. Two minutes later, Lois can only remark, "Dear God."

In Little Falls bodies lie strewn about, smoldering and broken. A man hovers above the pavement, curled up into a ball and shooting bolts of energy in all directions. He struggles to control his power as he feels another blast coming on, and this one directed towards a room full of children. Unable to control it, he erupts with energy. Seconds before it strikes the children Superman intercepts the beam and tells the man to stop it.

The children inside are quick to tell their teacher about Superman's arrival, but when they turn around they find their teacher mutated into an insectoid creature. She tries to tell the children to run, but her instincts quickly get the best of her and she grabs one of the children and hoists him high into the air. Superman arrives inside in a flash and quietly tells her to put him down. Instructing the children to perform a fire drill, Superman helps the teacher, when suddenly he sees another girl walking down the hall. Her head is partially ripped from her shoulders and she is venting some form of energy. She says that she has to sneeze. Superman rushes forward trying to prevent it, but the resulting release of energy tears through the school.

In Washington, Luthor meets with Agent Chase of the DEO (Department Of Extra-Normal Operations) and explains the situation to him. The chances of a metahuman trigger are one in six point seven million. However, that morning fifteen new metahumans triggered at exactly the same moment. Luthor asks if they are under attack, and Chase can only recommend moving Luthor to a more secure location.

Outside the school, Superman helps to organize the young children. Suddenly a paramedic tells him that there is a boy who needs to get to a hospital. Superman says that he can have him there and be back, but the man tells him that he can't shock the child, and the police chief is shouting that he needs Superman to stay there and help. A teenager steps out of the crowd and offers to help as he spreads his new wings out. A moment later, the boy takes off with the sick child.

That night Superman gathers all of the new metahumans together and talks to them as DEO officials walk amongst them taking readings. He tells them that although he doesn't know what caused their mutations, he will find a cure for them.

Inside the President's safe house, Luthor, Chase, and Amanda Waller meet to discuss the day's events. Total, the town had 35 metahumans develop that morning, averaging out to one in every 1,000 people. Little Falls has been contained, but it's spreading. Chase pulls up a map of the United States covered with little red dots, each dot representing a new metahuman; in which a new meta is being triggered every five seconds.

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