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"The Harvest, Part One": On the ground, a copy of the Daily Planet informs the reader that "Bialya Knew!" with regards to the meta-infestation spreading across the globe.

Action Comics #802 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2003. It was published on April 2, 2003.

Synopsis for "The Harvest, Part One"

On the ground, a copy of the Daily Planet informs the reader that "Bialya Knew!" with regards to the meta-infestation spreading across the globe.

Everywhere, anarchy inspired by ordinary people being given extraordinary power reigns. Superman tries to deal with the problem by meeting with President Luthor. His cabinet have determined that a Bialyan terrorist has created a meta-infectious mosquito that has infected the United States. The infection has made the random, which one in five million people meta-gene turn to a dangerous one in one thousand people. Superman agrees to investigate.

In Bialya, terrorists decry the United States. Water drips at their feet, and a submarine lands on the podium, killing all involved. Heat vision kills the rest of the army, and Superman arrives, too late, at the hour of destruction.

At the White House, Luthor meets with Zod, who informs him that the situation is resolved. He offers further to sterilize the problem by killing the rest of the metas infected in the United States. Superman arrives, infuriated over Zod's recent actions, and tells Luthor that this is madness but his warnings are ignored. Zod walks off to talk international politics with Luthor.

Later, in the Fortress of Solitude, John Henry Irons, Superman, and Red Tornado figure something important about the whole situation out.

Later still, Superman informs the public that the infection is Kryptonian in nature, meaning that the cause is the sun itself, rather than a pathogen, as the hosts have been infected on a genetic level.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Luthor shows the JLA and the JSA, among others, his plan. He has nodes that would not stop the heat of the sun, but still turn it into a red sun, blocking the powers of those infected until an anti-gene can be found. The older Green Lantern, Alan Scott, informs the president that he is displeased about his concealing the knowledge from the JLA. Zod enters, informing them that the trick is getting the nodes in place, which involve someone flying into the sun. He suggests Superman and himself. Superman tells the President that Kancer was created from similar experimentation with metas like the kind that created the current problem, and suggests that Zod is only helping with the sun to weaken Superman so he can attack. But Zod decide to takes Superman off to a desert to privately speak with him.

Once at the desert, Superman suspects that Zod is planning to battle him. But in reality, Zod only takes his mask off, and, much to Superman's surprise, revealing the dictator's face matching exactly to the Man of Steel's. Zod tells Superman that he would have as much to lose with the red sun as Superman himself. Superman starts to ask how, and Zod tells him he will inform him, if he survives the crisis.

Back home, Clark talks with Lois. He speculates about Zod's origins, ranging to an alternate Superman from the Phantom Zone, or a clone, or even.a red Superman. Lois reminds him that he is not Zod.

Later, Zod and a fleet of Luthor's spacecraft fly towards the sun. In the middle of space, many metas attach them, trying to stop them. They work together to stop them, then fly into the sun. However, only the charred body of one of them makes its way back to Earth.

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