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"Worship False Gods": A television reporter tells that Doomsday is moving towards Metropolis. Already people have begun to abandon the city.

Action Comics #821 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2005. It was published on November 10, 2004.

Synopsis for "Worship False Gods"

A television reporter tells that Doomsday is moving towards Metropolis. Already people have begun to abandon the city.

In God's Peake, a collection of settlers are eating dinner when suddenly Preus appears above them in the sky. Preus demands that, as inferior beings, they serve him. When a man raises a shotgun, Preus fries him.

Superman thinks about Lois being shot, and how he let the distractions in his life get in his way.

Back at God's Peake, Preus addresses the assembled crowd, announcing that if they serve him well, they will live better than they ever have.

Inside of an office a skinny man, Jesse, tells his boss that he wants to be working as a repo-man. The boss says that he doesn't have the body to intimidate people, and the only reason that he wants the job is to make people suffer, and he doesn't want any of that. Outside Jesse watches two of the workers go off on a job when he hears a voice from behind him, revealing to be Gog. Gog offers him a large glowing crystal, and tells Jesse to be careful what he wishes for.

Two men approach Preus' building, wondering if the women that went in with Preus are all right. Preus comes out and tells them that he always forgets how flimsy humans are. Preus tells them that he will need a replacement female for tonight. The men then begin telling Preus about races that they think are inferior, and how they want to wipe them out. Preus tells them that they will discuss it later.

In the Watchtower, Clark watches over Lois sleeping. Taking her home, he gently lays her down in bed and continues to watch her sleep.

People slowly come to God's Peake, drawn to Preus' power. Inside, Preus tells one of his followers that it is horrible living around them, smelling their filth with his powers. To calm Preus down, they bring him another woman. Suddenly the Martian Manhunter appears in the sky above them and demands that Preus come with him. Preus surges towards him but passes right through J'onn's immaterial form. Turning back, Preus blasts J'onn with his super vision, sending the surprised Martian spiraling down. He hits the ground with a huge explosion.

Back in Metropolis, Lois tells Clark that he doesn't need to stay and watch over him, but Clark says that he wants too. Whatever else happens in the world, the League can handle it. Especially Martian Manhunter. If anything could threaten J'onn, then they'd all be in trouble.

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