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"3-2-1 Action! (Part I of III) - Choices": In the Metropolis Zoo, a monkey glows with a strange light and begins to bubble.

Action Comics #852 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2007. It was published on July 25, 2007.

Synopsis for "3-2-1 Action! (Part I of III) - Choices"

In the Metropolis Zoo, a monkey glows with a strange light and begins to bubble. Sitting in the Daily Planet, Jimmy draws sketches of the various superpowers he has been randomly developing lately. He runs into Perry who offers him another reporting job, sending him along with Clark. At that moment, Superman is across town foiling a bank robbery. Leaving the crooks incapacitated, he hurries back to the Daily Planet in time to meet Jimmy and head out to Stryker's Island Prison.

Jimmy and Clark are there for a hearing for the Kryptonite Man. He tries to prove that his inventions could greatly benefit mankind, and therefore he should be free to perform his research. Jimmy thinks about how he normally isn't aware of what happens after Superman captures the criminals, and he flashes back to an early adventure.

When he was just a copy boy there was a gang of engineers that downloaded themselves into robotic bodies. During an attack on Metropolis, Jimmy stowed away on their air car. Back in their hideout, Jimmy waited until they were all asleep. Realizing he had to signal Superman, he used the electronics equipment there to construct a transmitter that sent a high frequency signal. It brought Superman flying and soon the robots were contained. Superman thought that if Jimmy was going to keep getting in trouble, then he would just build him a signal watch using the same technology.

Back in the zoo, the monkey glows again and then shoots eye beams.

In the trial, the judges conclude that the danger is too great, and the Kryptonite Man will be limited to carrying out his research on paper. This sends the Kryptonite Man into a frenzy, as he begins attacking his guards. The situation causes Jimmy to begin to morph into a werewolf, but before anything can happen Superman takes the Kryptonite Man down with one punch.

Jimmy's transformation subsides and Jimmy and Clark head home. That night Jimmy is walking outside when he hears sirens. Running after them he finds a group of gunmen pinned down in a liquor store. Jimmy puts on a mask and leaps forward with his elastic powers.

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