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"Escape from Bizarro World: Part II": Three Months Ago

Quote1 Superman am Bizarro? Bizarro am Superman? Quote2

Action Comics #856 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2007.

Synopsis for "Escape from Bizarro World: Part II"

Three Months Ago
Bizarro attempts to make a little girl fly by pushing her off the balcony of her high-rise apartment. Superman swoops down to save her and begins fighting Bizarro. During the fight, Bizarro asks him if he and Superman are the same, to which Superman tells him no. Despondent, Bizarro flies off into outer space. Arriving in a blue sun star system, he uses his super-strength, to fuse several asteroids together into a single planetoid. This planetoid later becomes the Bizarro World. The energy of the blue sun gives Bizarro the ability to create more Bizarros and he begins populating Bizarro World.

The Bizarros of Bizarro World have turned against their progenitor and blame him for bringing Bizarro Bizarro (Superman) to their world. Bizarro Lex Luthor emerges from the crowd and tells the others that he has a "sekret wepin" that he is ready to unleash against Bizarro.

Meanwhile, Bizarro and Superman fight inside of Bizarro's fortress while Jonathan Kent remains trapped within a crystal cage. Bizarro has more Bizarro versions of himself that help him to restrain Superman. Suddenly, Luthor's "sekret wepin" Bizarro Doomsday smashes through the wall of the fortress and begins killing Bizarros. While he attacks the Bizarro progenitor, Superman rescues his father. Doomsday soon turns his sights towards Superman and begins charging him. From out of the sky, a large steel chamber plummets down landing on top of Doomsday. The door to the chamber opens and out steps Bizarro versions of the Justice League of America.

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