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"Escape from Bizarro World: Part III": Clark recalls his father exploring his powers with him.

Action Comics #857 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2007.

Synopsis for "Escape from Bizarro World: Part III"

Clark recalls his father exploring his powers with him. In the present, Superman, Bizarro, and Pa stand before the Bizarro JLA, which attempts to intervene, but instead catastrophically falls all over themselves before the Yellow Lantern is pulled back to Sinestro headquarters. Bizarro, seeing he's losing JLA members, uses his Bizarro vision to make more heroes, Robin, Green Arrow, and Aquaman. All are promptly crushed by Luthor's Bizarro Doomsday.

Doomsday attacks Pa, and Superman blasts out with a rainbow ray of vision, which hits Pa. Doomsday staggers under Superman, only to be finished off by Pa, who now has powers thanks to "Superman Vision" under a blue sun.

Superman and Bizarro scheme to make things better. Superman flies around, fixing things, to the horror of the people of Bizarro World. Bizarro stops Superman and smashes things, making the people of Bizarro World think him their savior again. Pa and Superman depart in peace after Bizarro gives Pa a suit. At home, Pa amuses himself attempting to lift a tractor. On Bizarro World, Bizarro Brainiac is foiled, and Bizarro is once again the hero of the people.

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