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"Codename: Patriot, Part 2": Superman and Supergirl fly back to Earth in hot pursuit of Ral-Dar. General Sam Lane and his subordinates monitor their arrival, and a crew of fighter jets is scram

Quote1.png By attacking Zod, Ral-Dar has told them they're not. Quote2.png

Action Comics #880 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2009. It was published on August 12, 2009.

Synopsis for "Codename: Patriot, Part 2"

Superman and Supergirl fly back to Earth in hot pursuit of Ral-Dar. General Sam Lane and his subordinates monitor their arrival, and a crew of fighter jets is scrambled to intercept them. At the same time, Lane leaks information to the media so the world watches the destruction brought about by Kryptonians.

Superman and Supergirl are forced to defend themselves from the enemy soldiers as trying to catch Ral-Dar. Supergirl crushes a plane and gets the pilot out as Superman rushes after Ran-Dal. However Ral-Dar blasts several fighter jets down and makes a getaway as Kal, Kara and a newcomer Mon-El rescue the fighter pilots from their heavily damaged planes. For now they've lost Ral's trail.

Over in Hollywood Nightwing and Flamebird are hunting down Az-Rel and Nadira. Unfortunately all they attract is an army of fans who lust after Chris and try to interview Thara. One reporter lets slip that three Kryptonians just arrived on Earth and the two heroes fly off. At the same time, Lois Lane is ordered by Perry White to get on the case.

Mon-El leads Superman and Supergirl to Metropolis Science Police's Headquarters. Initially Guardian doesn't want to let Supergirl set foot on the base, but Superman talks him into dropping the subject. Superman talks about Zod's attempted assassination and Ral-Dar's escape. He's worried that someone is looking to trigger new conflicts between Earth and New Krypton. Lois arrives as Superman is trying to persuade Guardian, and Mon-El provides an excuse for Lois and Clark talk privately as the rest come up with a plan to track down and capture Ral-Dar. During their reunion Lois reveals that their son Chris is back on Earth.

Back on Project 7734, General Lane is watching streaming news footage. Hollister interrupts telling him that Patriot, their Kryptonian Sleeper has arrived, as has Atlas. Ral-Dar reports how Zod's assassination went down, and he points out that he refused to allow Zod to start a war but he doesn't trust Lane's intentions either.

Elsewhere, Thara and Chris are flying over Los Angeles. Both heroes argue because Chris wants to reunite with Superman and Supergirl, but Thara replies it'd blow their cover... and she doesn't want to talk Kara right now. As they're distracted, Az-Rel and Nadira attack them and lure them into a subway tunnel. All of sudden Chris and Thara are struck by green and golden blasts. Az-Rel and Nadira reappear and knock them out easily. Then Mirabai leaves her hiding place, dispel the mirage masking Metallo and Reactron and radioes Lane to tell Phase 2 is complete and they are starting Phase 3.

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Synopsis for "Captain Atom, Chapter Two"

As the warrior known as Wodan is about to impale Captain Atom, Atom quickly regains conscious and repels the warrior. As he gets up, Captain Atom discover what he has done to the army that opposed him. He then remembers that he had slain previous armies similar to what currently happened and can't remember what he is or his name.

He then enters the castle where he confronts the king, Lord Gadrey, and one of his soldiers, Royard. Atom tries to tell them that he is no killer, but Gadrey explains that he has slain many armies and had been serving someone named 'The Forlorn'. Wodan later returns and attempts to kill Captain Atom, but is again subdue by Atom without killing him thus proving Captain Atom's words. He then explains his problems such as to where he is and why he is here. Suddenly, he experience a flashback of himself prior to becoming Captain Atom, and he now remembers his name. Unknown to Atom, someone has him target under a telescopic scope.

Appearing in "Captain Atom, Chapter Two"

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