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"Revenge, Part 5": Inside the Fortress of Solitude, Kelex decides to evacuate Lois and Jon per Superman's instructions, and leads them to a flier.

Quote1.png Kal and I are cousins and family sticks together, Zod. Quote2.png

Action Comics #983 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2017. It was published on July 12, 2017.

Synopsis for "Revenge, Part 5"

Inside the Fortress of Solitude, Kelex decides to evacuate Lois and Jon per Superman's instructions, and leads them to a flier.

Outside, the Superman Family and the Superman Revenge Squad face off. Zod is miffed at the fact that Superman has brought help. Unimpressed, Supergirl replies Superman is her family, and family sticks together. Lex wonders aloud what is Superman storing inside his base that the group of villains wants to badly. Superman informs they want to get their hands on his Kryptonian technology.

As Superman and Cyborg Superman argue, Zod tells Blanque to link him with the Eradicator telepathically. Next he demands to be handed over the Phantom Zone Projector. Superman refuses and Zod gleefuly pounces, smashing both through the walls of the Fortress. As they battle, Zod at last realizes Superman is blind.

Supergirl is about to go inside to back her cousin up, when Hank Henshaw hits her from behind. Swiftly Kara turns around, says he'll have to get through her if he wants to hurt her cousin and she's already put a Cyborg Superman down,[1] and fires her heat vision. Kara and Henshaw duel.

Superwoman attempts to join Supergirl, but the Eradicator turns her own energies against her. Super-Man faces up to Blanque, but the villain distracts him long enough to drop a massive chunk of ice on his head.

Lois and Jon are about to board a Kryptonian flier. Lois hates to run away but she concedes that getting her son far from the battleground is imperative.

Steel and Lex fight off Metallo and Mongul, respectively.

Superman is giving his everything to defeat Zod, but Zod beats him down easily. Suddenly he senses two other persons inside the Fortress getting on a flier and deduces Superman has a family. Infuriated, Zod kicks a downed Superman. Seeing the flier to take off, Zod blows it up.

Supergirl goes utterly mad and attacks him, but Zod punches her into the ground. He tells the Revenge Squad to meet him up as he searches for the Projector.

Cyborg Superman thinks Zod intends to free his army so they can burn the world to cinders, but Zod smugly replies the Phantom Zone is a vast place and someone must go in there and find his troops. He sends the Superman Family minus Supergirl in the Zone. Then he turns around and sends Eradicator and Cyborg Superman in, too.

Blanque realizes Zod's mind is psi-shielded and can't read him properly. When he asks what Zod is up to, the General replies he'll know eventually, but for now everything is going as planned.

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