"The Boy Who Stole Superman's Cape": Years ago, Clark Kent got a job with the Daily Star, and used some of the first money he made to put out an order for 200 T-shirts with a specially designed 'S' symbol on the chest.

Quote1 Don't worry about that, Mrs. N. I've waited my whole life for this. I'm going to like it just fine. Quote2
Clark Kent

Action Comics (Volume 2) #0 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 2012.

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Synopsis for "The Boy Who Stole Superman's Cape"

Years ago, Clark Kent got a job with the Daily Star, and used some of the first money he made to put out an order for 200 T-shirts with a specially designed 'S' symbol on the chest.

Clark had been living with photographer Jimmy Olsen for a while, but on this day in particular, he was planning to move into his new place. Clark was a little sad to be leaving, given how great Jimmy's place was. His mother had once been a model, but she lost all of her money and ended up in the Bowery. When he was 17, his rich father had felt guilty and unloaded a fortune onto him - making Jimmy rather conflicted.

Clark felt Jimmy was lucky to have his job and to have met someone like Lois Lane. Clark admired her ability to speak the truth uncompromisingly through journalism. Knowing his friend well, Jimmy noted that it was just like Clark Kent to reveal his obsession with Lois on the day he was leaving.

Later, Clark went out as Superman with the intent to stop Glen Glenmorgan's men disposing of a policewoman who was witness to one of his crimes. Though he withstood their bullets with ease, an RPG rocket knocked him off his feet and into the alley below. He failed to stop them from taking away their victim, and remained unconscious in the alley for a while. A young boy found him there, and took Superman's cape for himself.

At the Daily Planet, meanwhile, Perry White refused to print Jimmy's photos which he claimed showed a super-strong mystery man withstanding an RPG blast. Despite Lois Lane's insistence that she was witness to the events, Perry refused to run the story without further proof than three blurry photos and hearsay.

The boy, meanwhile, returned home to his abusive home life, wearing the cape. His father was in the midst of beating his wife, and was soon to abuse the boy's younger brother with a knife when the boy challenged him to leave them both alone. Drunk and angry, the father tried to stab the boy with the knife, but the blade snapped against the indestructible cape. The boy put himself between his father and his brother, and with his fist wrapped in the fabric, he punched his abuser in the gut. The blow hurt enough that he doubled over, and the boys managed to escape.

Clark met his landlady, Mrs. Nyxly, who assured him that he would like it at his new building. In her apartment, she pointed out photos of her nephew Ferlin and her husband, a magician, who was put into a coma by a rival's prank. Though Clark's apartment would be small, it would suit him fine, for his purposes.

The boys escaped to a rail yard, where the elder promised that they would be safe, so long as they wore the cape. Unfortunately, their drunken father had caught up with them. Nearby, Lois and Jimmy were preparing to meet Clark at his new apartment when the altercation between father and sons caught Lois' eye.

The boys swore they wouldn't go back with him, and they failed to notice as a train came along the tracks. The father grabbed the younger brother away, as the elder realized that his foot had been caught in the rails. Praying the cape would save him, the boy wrapped himself in it while his father tried to force his younger son to watch what would happen.

Suddenly, Superman appeared, and stopped the oncoming train with the force of his body alone. The boy recognized his savior, and willingly gave up the cape. Wrapping his cape over his shoulders, Superman promised that the bullying father would not bother them again.

Meanwhile, Lois and Jimmy had caught the rescue on camera, and they were finally able to print the story that would introduce Superman to the world.

Appearing in "Origin of the Species"

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  • Emery Zackro
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Synopsis for "Origin of the Species"

Years ago, Erik Drekken had hoped to continue the research of a Professor Emery Zackro, who had theorized on the existence of neosapiens, a strain of human evolution who were 100,000 years ahead of their time. Prof. Zackro had refused to allow Erik to destroy his own career by following the same path that had ruined him.

Regardless, Erik travelled to Smallville, Kansas, looking to follow rumours of the so-called Blake Farm Ghost. Zackro had apparently found this "ghost" and interviewed him for his research. Erik found the Blake Farm, but old John Blake threw him off of his property when he found out what Drekker was about.

As he drove to the next town, he became distracted by the sight of a UFO, and nearly ran into a man standing in the road. He swerved, and smashed through the guard rail, but was saved by the telekinetic powers of Adam Blake. Erik realized that his saviour was the same man that Zackro had interviewed, and Adam conceded that the professor had helped him understand his own nature.

Erik begged Adam to let him continue the research Zackro was doing, but Adam could not agree to it because the professor had collected all the available data, and he was soon to be leaving.

Just then, the Oort-Kind appeared, ready to take Adam away. Erik demanded to know how Adam could abandon humanity, when his physiology represented a veritable treasure trove for research into human evolution. Adam explained that he was in fact leaving for the sake of many worlds, each of which was on a list predicting their doom. Those planets would have no hope except in what he termed planetary cuckoos like himself. What's worse is that the planet Earth was on that list.

After Adam had disappeared, Erik became determined to recreate the radiation provided by the comet that had given Adam his power, in order to finish his research and push mankind up the evolutionary ladder. Little did he know that this plan would prove to be his undoing.



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