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"World Against Superman": On planet Krypton, Lara Lor-Van was attending a party with her mother and sister Zora in Kandor. She had brought little baby Kal-El along with her,

Quote1.png I work hard at my job, Inspector. I won't stop trying to expose the corruption in Metropolis. If that makes me an outsider or a freak, I'm fine with that. Quote2.png
Clark Kent

Action Comics (Volume 2) #3 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 2012. It was published on November 2, 2011.

Synopsis for "World Against Superman"

On planet Krypton, Lara Lor-Van was attending a party with her mother and sister Zora in Kandor. She had brought little baby Kal-El along with her, leaving her husband Jor-El behind to present the year's Science Guild Awards. Suddenly, Jor-El contacted her through the teleband, warning that she should take Kal-El and leave Kandor immediately. An alien consciousness has been allowed to enter the network by Professor Van-Da, who killed himself just as Jor-El was presenting him the cosmology award. The intelligence had suggested that Kandor would be collected in order to protect it from Krypton's impending destruction, and Jor-El - as the foremost scientific mind on the planet - would be the herald of this news. Soon, a ship appeared in Krypton's atmosphere announcing that the planet's database had been copied, and would face immanent destruction. As the Terminauts collected important artifacts for preservation, Kandor was cut from the surface of Krypton, and Lara escaped narrowly, while her mother and sisters were trapped.

Now, Clark Kent wakes from the vivid dream in time to hear Mrs. Nyxly and a group of policemen led by Inspector Blake at his door. They begin searching Clark's apartment, warning that media mogul Glen Glenmorgan is more powerful than Clark realizes, and that Clark's apparent agenda at the Daily Star is going to get him into trouble - as will his obvious sympathies for the alien Superman. The officers, finishing their search, must admit that though Clark is obviously a weirdo, they found nothing incriminating. After they've left, Mrs. Nyxly reveals to Clark that she'd found his Superman cape, and hid it from them.

Later, Clark and Jimmy Olsen have lunch in a diner and watch a news report in which Mr. Glenmorgan expresses his belief that the Superman is an alien and a danger to society. Clark is dismayed that the media is portraying Superman as an alien invader, and Jimmy replies that Glenmorgan owns the TV station and is using Superman to divert attention from himself.

Jimmy explains that Perry White sent Lois to offer him an escape route, courtesy of the Daily Planet. Clark declines, believing that the fact that Glenmorgan owns the Planet means that it is all just a ploy silence his voice at the Daily Star.

Later, Clark works on his laptop from a park bench, and a homeless woman approaches him, claiming that the ghost of a white dog is watching over him. Afterward, he takes a call from an informant called "Icarus" who lets him know that he needs to keep pushing Glenmorgan, because he's close to the tipping point. Icarus claims that Glenmorgan set up the bullet train crash in order to kill Angus Grundig, and anyone else who would tell the truth about him. Meanwhile, he intends to replace the current subway system with his own robotic subway renovation - which will be made from shoddy parts and cheap labour. The voice directs Clark to the Factory for Tomorrow, and warns him not to lose his nerve.

Meanwhile, across the city, people are beginning to distrust Superman. Squatters living in the building that was destroyed at Lex Luthor's command, now condemn the man who saved them as being responsible on live television. Even when Superman tries to rescue a young girl's cat from a tree, she recoils in horror from him.

Days later, Clark scores an interview with Mr. Tide, supervisor of the Factory for Tomorrow, who was put in charge of the robotic subway renovation project. Clark begins leading the conversation to expose Tide's lack of concern for the fact that his robots will make many manual labourers redundant, resulting in massive layoffs. Tide reacts with indignation, having thought he was interviewing for a puff piece, and notes his growing frustration with the number of reporters hanging around. As it turns out, Lois and Jimmy are also at the factory, chasing the same lead, but Tide decides to have them all ejected.

Before he can do so, though, the mysterious alien intelligence who attacked Krypton decades ago takes control of the factory's robotics, converting them into 'Terminauts,' and announcing that the Earth's database has been copied in advance of the planet's immanent destruction.

Meanwhile, in a military base, John Corben is being outfitted with the Steel Soldier armor, under the supervision of Luthor and General Lane. However, the alien intelligence begins to take over the armor, and seeing this, Luthor reveals his alliance with the entity, who demands he make good on his promise to deliver the Superman.

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  • Brainiac's insistence that Jor-El is Krypton's leading scientific mind suggests that Brainiac selected Lex Luthor for the same purpose and reason in the previous issue.

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