"Unbound": The same organization who attacked Superman in Venezuela has arranged to allow Doomsday to escape from the Phantom Zone. They are worried, though, by his apparent disinterest with killing a pair of civilians he spots in

Quote1.png ... You don't belong in this world. You don't understand your own power. And you don't have the perspective necessary to make the right choices. Quote2.png

Action Comics (Volume 2) #30 is an issue of the series Action Comics (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 2014. It was published on April 2, 2014.

Synopsis for "Unbound"

The same organization who attacked Superman in Venezuela has arranged to allow Doomsday to escape from the Phantom Zone. They are worried, though, by his apparent disinterest with killing a pair of civilians he spots in the Arctic Circle. Instead, he seems intent on something else, showing an unexpected sense of purpose as he causes an avalanche in order to break through the ice and dive into the icy water beneath it.

Superman, meanwhile, is enraged, forced to resort to his father's technique of handling his rage - counting to ten. Unfortunately, he's reached 1,000 and he still feels angry. As such, he isn't at all disappointed when he finally arrives at Tower Control in the Alps with Leonard Sawyer in hand, and finds them ready for a fight. All of Tower Control's soldiers are Ghost Soldiers like Sawyer, which Superman takes as his cue to cut loose. He freezes his attackers with his Freeze Breath, and tosses Sawyer through the wall of Tower Control, intending to burn every piece of equipment they have - until he finally hears a heartbeat.

Looking up, he sees a woman approaching him, who introduces herself as Harrow. Though he doesn't trust her, he can't simply freeze her like her soldiers, so he gives her a chance, despite her attempts to have Wonder Woman and the innocent creatures of Subterranea killed. Harrow responds that his view of events is too narrow. He and Wonder Woman had set off a nuclear blast in order to defeat an enemy who had come to Earth solely to fight him. His decision to befriend Baka led to a war with the Empire of Subterranea. The creatures he'd rescued from that place turned into murderous monsters when exposed to direct sunlight. For all his intent to help, Superman merely endangers the world. He is both too powerful and too weak. He doesn't belong' on Earth, and the job of protecting this planet should fall instead to her and her ghost soldiers. Sensing that he is not taking her comments well, she states that his chance is up, and leaves the tower to raise an army of ghostly warriors from across time, announcing that the dead will protect their own.

Though they are just ghosts, and they can't hurt him, Superman can feel their hatred and anguish behind every ethereal bullet and spear. As he dodges their attacks, Superman refuses to let Harrow save the world with unwilling slaves. He decides that the best course of action would be to stop fighting all together, and merely direct their attention to the one who is the true source of their pain, pointing at Harrow.

The ghosts turn on her angrily, and in her defence, she releases the ghosts from their servitude. As their shades dissipate, Superman approaches Harrow, and weakly, she explains that the effort of recruiting so many unwilling spirits has weakened her so much that a mere breath from him would make her vanish completely. Normally, she would recruit willing spirits instead. Rather than do as she suggests, and destroy her, Superman does as his father taught him, containing his rage by counting to ten. Once calmed, he reaches his hand out to her and suggests that their common goal should unite them.

Annoyed, she stands and points out that he just proved her point. He had the chance to destroy her, but he was merciful. A threat like someone who can raise the dead is incalculable, and letting her go demonstrates that when it comes down to the hard decisions, he will destroy the world he is desperately trying to save. As she and her ghost soldiers disappear before his eyes, she warns that next time they meet, she will kill him - then he can join her cause, if he's still willing.

Later, a Tower sub searches the depths of the Marianas Trench, intending to begin the process of waking Doomsday. In the meantime, though, Doomsday has transformed into something very different.

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