Adrian Pasdar Mug 1

Adrian Pasdar as Morgan Edge from the Supergirl episode "Girl of Steel"

Adrian Pasdar (b. April 30, 1965) voiced Hugo Strange on the series Young Justice and portrays Morgan Edge on the series Supergirl.

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Selected Filmography

Young Justice 2010- Hugo Strange
     "Terrors" September 23, 2011 Hugo Strange
     "Coldhearted" March 10, 2012 Hugo Strange
National Guardsman #1
Chicago Cop
Supergirl 2015- Morgan Edge
     "Girl of Steel" October 9, 2017 Morgan Edge
     "Damage" November 6, 2017 Morgan Edge
     "Reign" December 4, 2017 Morgan Edge
     "For Good" January 29, 2018 Morgan Edge
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