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Alan Ritchson as Arthur Curry (AC) from the Smallville episode "Odyssey"

Alan Ritchson (b. November 28, 1984) portrayed Arthur Curry (AC) on the television series Smallville and Hawk/Hank Hall on the series Titans and voiced Aquaman for the animated film Justice League: The New Frontier.

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Selected Filmography

Smallville 2001-2011 Aquaman
     "Aqua" October 20, 2005 Arthur Curry (AC)
     "Justice" January 18, 2007 AC/Aquaman
     "Odyssey" September 18, 2008 AC/Aquaman
     "Patriot" November 19, 2010 AC/Aquaman
Justice League: The New FrontierFebruary 26, 2008 Aquaman
Titans 2018- Hank Hall/Hawk
     "Hawk and Dove" October 19, 2018 Hank Hall/Hawk
     "Origins" October 26, 2018 Hank Hall
     "Hank and Dawn" December 7, 2018 Hank Hall/Hawk
     "Koriand'r" December 14, 2018 Hank Hall
     "Dick Grayson" December 21, 2018 Hank Hall
     "Trigon" September 6, 2019 Hank Hall
     "Rose" September 13, 2019 Hank Hall
     "Ghosts" September 20, 2019 Hank Hall
     "Aqualad" September 27, 2019 Hank Hall/Hawk
     "Deathstroke" October 4, 2019 Hank Hall
     "Bruce Wayne" October 18, 2019 Hank Hall
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