Amy Jackson Mug 1

Amy Jackson as Saturn Girl from the Supergirl episode "Legion of Superheroes"

Amy Jackson (b. January 31, 1991) portrays Saturn Girl on the series Supergirl.

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Selected Filmography

Supergirl 2015- Saturn Girl
     "Wake Up" November 20, 2017 Saturn Girl/Imra Ardeen
     "Reign" December 4, 2017 Saturn Girl
     "Legion of Superheroes" January 15, 2018 Saturn Girl
     "Fort Rozz" January 22, 2018 Saturn Girl
     "Both Sides Now" February 5, 2018 Saturn Girl
     "Of Two Minds" April 30, 2018 Saturn Girl
     "Trinity" May 7, 2018 Saturn Girl
     "Shelter from the Storm" May 14, 2018 Saturn Girl
     "Battles Lost and Won" June 18, 2018 Saturn Girl
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